How To Generate Google Plus RSS Feeds For Individual Profiles And Pages ?

Feed+ is a Google Chrome app that allows you to generate Google+ Profile/Page RSS feed. After Generating feed you may use if on Google Reader or anywhere else you like, feed is public. If you like using it then follow few simple steps given here and in next coming post I will be discussing how you can post your Google+ posts using this RSS feed to your WordPress blog as individual articles.

Step-1 Install Feed+

First of all add Feed+ to your Google Chrome Browser. Its link will appear on your Chrome’s home page as shown in the following image. Click it.

Step-2 Allow Permissions by clicking “Click to Authorize” button

Step-3 Copy and paste Google+ profile/page URL and click add

Also, you may preview it for testing the URL as show in in the following image.

Step-4 Your feed link will automatically get displayed under the ‘Feed Library’ section.

Feed Library section displays RSS (public feed link) and Reader (for adding feed to Google Reader). Feed is active, use it wherever you like.

Other Utilities For Generating Google Plus Feed Unofficial Google Plus RSS Feed

Usage : This is easy, see how it works:

  1. Use given URL, but with your own Google+ user number:
  2. If you want only the first sentence in the RSS title –
  3. For limiting the number of posts – (default is 10)
  4. Or combine all –

Google Plus To RSS

Usage: Login using your Google-Account. On popup-window needs few access-rights. Read more about this here.

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