How To Add Infinite Scroll On Single Posts In WordPress?

Infinite Scroll is a feature to automatically append next page of posts on a blogging or media website. A website with infinite scroll enabled doesn’t ask visitor to click next page navigation. Instead it automatically loads up other post entries.

In general, infinite scroll is used on multipost pages such as on front page, tags & category archive pages, search pages etc. But there are some websites such as Time, LA Times, Quartz, Vogue etc that uses infinite scrolling on single post screens too.

In this lesson you will learn about implementing infinite scroll on single post screens in WordPress and your website will automatically load the next post as soon the user will scroll down to the end of any single post type screen.

Extending Infinite Scroll To Single Post Screens In WordPress

In addition to normal infinite scroll behavior, the new WordPress plugin Infinite Post Transporter by Tom Harrigan and J Marx will let you add infinite scroll to the single post page also.

Simply install and activate the plugin and you are done. Note that some themes doesn’t provides any infinite scrolling feature as they are not coded with such modules. This plugin doesn’t works on such WordPress themes.

So how it works? When reading a post, once the reader reaches the bottom of the page, the next post automatically loads in without any browser refresh.

You can test the working of the plugin yourself, simply open any single WordPress post on your website and then scroll to the bottom of the page. You will notice next posts loading automatically without any click or tap.

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