How To Skip Registration And Get Access To Any Web Service?

There are two kinds of web service providers: first, that asks you to register before accessing their webservice and second, that doesn’t requires any registration.

We are not saying that registering anywhere is wrong. It entirely depends of what webservice you are going to use. For example: You can access Google search without a Google account but you cannot use Google+ without a Google account.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how you can skip registration on website where it is of no use.

Many times it happens that people want to comment and ask question on a post but the site asks them to first register an account.

Or may be when you like creating a photo college or while editing any photo online and there are a lot more reasons when you create fake accounts just for accessing the web service. Here comes the use if BugMeNot, a Google Chrome app that lets you login without any registration.

With this app, you can bypass compulsory web registration steps on any website simply by using the app’s login, it works on thousands of different websites. The app is easy to use, it displays its icon where ever it finds any login form.

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