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How To Blog To Market Your Business?

Blogging your business should not be about sales instead it should be about marketing because marketing offer solutions that sell themselves.

Whereas sales are pushy in closing deals, blogging should be about showing the problems and offering their solutions, that’s what marketing is also about so blogging works most reasonably in marketing your business.

When you stop being salesy and forceful in closing deals and you start offering solutions to your target audience, the people start trusting you, and then not only your sales increase but you start to earn a passive income because on internet traffic means money.

So when you provide solutions, people come and read your posts mainly from the search engines and if your posts are monetized with Google Adsense or any advertising program, you earn money from that.

The aim of blogging your business is to understand your end consumer to whom your product or service fits very well and then reach him through your blog posts and establish your authority. Authority is established when you blog to help people and stay true to them.

How To Start Blogging?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, and then start posting.

Targetting Billions Can Help You Make Millions

Anything, that divides the humanity, is disallowed in the universe of Sangkrit. So you have to be selling the same integrating internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure as other peoples’personal outlets also sell although they do not compete but cooperate instead.

Moreover you may startup your own business also.

Build business by subscribing dedicated servers

Any serious business begins only upon a dedicated server. Now-a-days there is no other way possible.

Instead of purchasing hardware and hiring engineers subscribing all internet infrastructure at https://system.sangkrit.net works more stably. Thus you do not loss money upon frequently replacing outdated hardware.

Brand your business by registering domains in bulk

The best way to brand your business is to register domains in bulk. You must register your business name with every possible domain extension.

Blog your business for billions on planet Earth

Install WordPress for marketing as there cannot be anything better than blogging your business in this internet age. You do so by writing posts. Write posts by addressing the whole of humanity. Such an integrated cross-border approach maximises your revenue streams.

You must only innovatively add a new post. So that you make many billions better understand you afresh.

Targetting many billions is sure to help you make your millions. Your first million may not be far away from you. Just keep the coordinates crystal clear.

Grow Your Business With Content That Answers The Questions Of Prospects

Writing and posting content that answers the questions of your prospects and solves their problem drastically increases your lead prospects and brings new passive income from Google Adsense.

Quality content automatically attracts more link backs. So, it is the best SEO for your website and you don’t need to hire an expert for that. Simply register or transfer your domain at SANGKRIT.net, install WordPress and start writing new posts.

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Get Detailed Marketing & SEO Report OF Your Website In Just A Click

Marketing Grader is an online service that provides you a full report of your website on how it is doing with marketing online. All you need to do is visit its homepage, type your website domain & your email address then click ‘Grade Me’ button. No registration is required.

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Easily Create Stunning WordPress Mobile Landing Pages Using Easy Drag & Drop Interface

MobileChief – Mobile Site Builder is a cool mobile site creator plugin for WordPress. With this plugin you can easily create stunning mobile landing pages with an easy AJAX based drag and drop interface. This is not a Mobile Theme plugin that automatically optimizes your site for mobile devices but it allows you to create new content in new mobile sites, it provides you the power to create mobile sites.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate MobileChief – Mobile Site Builder plugin. After activation it adds a new menu in admin section of your WordPress site. Using this new ‘Mobile Site Builder’ admin menu you can start creating mobile site, manage plugin options.

Creating Mobile Sites:


Editing Mobile Page:

Mobile Sites Page:

You can easily create unlimited Mobile Sites each with unlimited pages from a single WordPress installation. Even each mobile site can have it own theme, options, pages and content etc. All themes are Mobile optimized for all small and large devices, even looks good on big screens and laptops.

How To Integrate HubSpot Inbound Marketing Tools In WordPress ?

HubSpot provides you a set of tools for inbound marketing. This tutorial is HubSpot users, they can easily integrate HubSpot in their WordPress sites and enable analytics and other cool features by adding their Hub ID and App Domain.

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How To Displays A Custom Welcome Message To New Visitors And Another To Return Visitors In WordPress ?

What Would Seth Godin Do is a free WordPress plugin that lets you display a custom welcome message to your new visitors and another one to return visitors on your WordPress blog.

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Best 5 Plugins For Integrating MailChimp In Your WordPress Site

Using MailChimp you can easily design email newsletters, you can share them on social networking website, you can integrate it with popular services you use, you can easily track your results. MailChimp is just like your own personal publishing platform. For more learning more about MailChimp visit its website. In this tutorial we have selected various plugins that helps you integrate MailChimp in your WordPress sites easily.

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Facebook Marketing Team Released Facebook Posters For Your Business

Facebook marketing team has released posters that you can use in your business stores after printing them. Its PDF so you can print them and put it in your office, stores or anywhere you want to encourage your clients, customers and others who visit your business place to join your page on Facebook. Also if you like you may put it in your website linking to your Facebook page but these posters are better for using as printable posters and for websites those old Facebook badges are fine.

Download all posters from here: http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Facebook_Signs.pdf