Best 5 Plugins For Integrating MailChimp In Your WordPress Site

Using MailChimp you can easily design email newsletters, you can share them on social networking website, you can integrate it with popular services you use, you can easily track your results. MailChimp is just like your own personal publishing platform. For more learning more about MailChimp visit its website. In this tutorial we have selected various plugins that helps you integrate MailChimp in your WordPress sites easily.


Use AutoChimp for keeping your WordPress site  users and MailChimp mailing lists in sync, it means whenever someone subscribes or unsubscribes in your site, your mailing list on MailChimp automatically gets updated. You can easily create campaigns from your blog posts. Supports BuddyPress.

Mail Shrimp

Using Mail Shrimp you can easily manage and send your MailChimp campaigns just right from your WordPress blog.

Social Contests

Another popular MailChimp plugin, this plugin is used for running promotional campaigns on WordPress that spreads quickly on Facebook and Twitter. Promotions allows you to run contests

Posts to Newsletters

This plugin allows you to create newsletters qucikly from your posts. Optionally you can send them via MailChimp. Plugin allows you to customize template of newsletters, you can use your own logo and styles. Also you can add as many posts including custom post types to each of your newsletter.

MailChimp Comment Optin

MailChimp Comment Optin plugin, as clear from its name you can suggest your commenters to double optin to certain MailChimp list via checkbox added by this plugin at the end of comment forms.

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