Grow Your Business With Content That Answers The Questions Of Prospects

Writing and posting content that answers the questions of your prospects and solves their problem drastically increases your lead prospects and brings new passive income from Google Adsense.

Quality content automatically attracts more link backs. So, it is the best SEO for your website and you don’t need to hire an expert for that. Simply register or transfer your domain at, install WordPress and start writing new posts.

When a new post is made, chances are Google will archive it and present it to the people looking for the solution you are offering. This also depends on your website and the quality of content so the more quality posts you will make, more prospects will get to know about your website.

If Google is not archiving your website then you may manually submit your website URL or use Search Engine Visibility so that Google and other search engines can easily get to know about your domain.

Once you start posting new useful content on regular basis, the speed of Google archives increases gradually.

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