Get Detailed Marketing & SEO Report OF Your Website In Just A Click

Marketing Grader is an online service that provides you a full report of your website on how it is doing with marketing online. All you need to do is visit its homepage, type your website domain & your email address then click ‘Grade Me’ button. No registration is required.

It immediately creates a fresh & detailed report on your website and provides you very useful information from every section of your website so that your can improve it further.

Website Marketing Grader

It rates your website using scale from 1 to 100 marks, checks and much more. The report is divided into various sections like:

  1. Overall: Show you complete report
  2. Blogging: Blog relates report and suggestion on RSS, social sharing of posts and more
  3. Social Media: Report on social activity of your website on Facebook and Twitter. Provides you useful suggestions.
  4. SEO: SEO related report and improvdemet suggestions. Provides you list of authoritative pages linking to your website. Tell you you can make simple changes in your website in order to improve its SEO.
  5. Lead Generation: Provides you various marketting related suggestion with a list of recent Links to pages with forms.
  6. Mobile: Shows preview on how your website looks like in various mobile devices, smartphones and also allows you to see rotated preview.

Checklist performs some important tests and tells you if your website is lacking some important function.

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