Now Food Bloggers Can Easily Implement Impressive Recipe Layouts

Creating beautiful block patterns on food blogs has become easier than ever. Anyone can create a food blog by registering his domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan to get support in every step of creating, managing, and promoting his website.

Earlier bloggers used to find specific food themes from Themes -> Add New page on the WordPress admin dashboard but now you can create complex recipe layouts inside your post in a few clicks.

What Do You Get With Block Patterns For Food Bloggers?

Food bloggers commonly focus on creating heading-based posts offering step-by-step recipe processes under multiple sections and images. The new WordPress plugin called Block Patterns for Food Bloggers simplifies this task by offering you pre-designed recipe patterns in to form of WordPress blocks that are fully customizable.

How To Use It?

Simply navigate to Plugins -> Add New section on your WordPress admin area dashboard and find the plugin ‘Block Patterns For Food Bloggers’ using the search box. Next, install and activate the plugin.

Upon activation, you will find an icon on Add New/ Edit post screen, at the top of the editor. Clicking or tapping this icon launches the patterns in a modal box you can select and insert inside your post.

These patterns are fully customizable but most patterns can be used as it is simply by replacing the content with your own.

For pages, there are patterns that let you display a grid of categories and tags by inserting the patterns and then replacing their images and links with your own. Edits to patterns can be made from the ‘Block’ section visible on the right side of WordPress edit screens, right to ‘Post’, and below the ‘Publish’ button.

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