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Managing Attendees For Your Event From Your Managed WordPress Website

The event managers using their Managed WordPress website can manage the attendees for their events.

Managed WordPress is the complete solution for easily starting and managing any kind of website on your own. All you need to do is register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. Event Managers may extend their website by having a free plugin called RSVP and Event Management Plugin.

Simply navigate to Plugins -> Add New page, and search for ‘RSVP and Event Management Plugin’ to install and activate it. Upon activation, the plugin lets you manage attendees for your events. It can be used for:

  • Weddings
  • Business conferences
  • Any kind of gatherings
  • Community events
  • Birthdays, etc

It offers you the following group of features:

  • Open registration or private attendee list
  • Custom questions
  • Import and export attendees
  • The ability for attendees to add additional guests
  • Easy to customize the text
  • Passcode or no passcode to RSVP
  • Easy attendee management
  • Associate attendees to make it easier for groups/families to RSVP all at the same time
  • Email notifications

These options can be managed from the RSVP Plugin page accessible in your admin area dashboard. Once you are there, simply set the “RSVP Open Date” and “RSVP Deadline” which state the starting date and the deadline to apply for the event.

Once you set the dates, create a new page from Pages -> Add New and paste the shortcode [rsvp]. This page will allow people to enter their names to complete their RSVP which means reply if the event pleases you and you want to attend it.

Apart from the page that is created for visitors, you can manually add the guests too from the admin panel of the plugin and the list of attendees will be created that will help you to know how many people are attending the event.

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