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An Easy Step-By-Step Process To Take Your Business Online

By following this easy process anyone can build his business website or online store himself and whenever you need, experts are just a phone call away to assist you with your website.

First, finalize your domain name and register it. It can be your business name .com .org .net, etc, or your-full-name dot extension of your choice.

Second, Subscribe to Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce if you want an online store website. Next, visit your account’s ‘Products’ page and click ‘Setup’ next to Managed WordPress option on your screen. You will be taken through a tour asking you a few questions and then you will logged-in to the dashboard of your website.

Next time you need to log in simply visit yourdomain.com/wp-admin in your web browser.

Third, your website is now live and you are in the dashboard of your website. Here, you will see the ‘Posts’ options, used for publishing new blog posts. By default, these are visible on the home page of your website but in case you want, you can change that from the Settings -> Reading option on your dashboard.

Fourth, another option called ‘Pages’ is also visible on your dashboard’s screen. There you can create and add new pages such as traditional about, contact, and as many as you want you can add from there.

You can create some pages display photo galleries or list your services with a call to action option. A call to action means a button that allows customers to take action. This action can be of purchasing the product, subscribing to a service, or simply contacting you.

Fifth, you see the ‘Appearance’ option on the dashboard. This is used for changing the look and feel of your website. There are thousands of themes available. You can select your industry-specific theme or stick to the default one, as you like.

Sixth, The ‘Plugins’ option on your dashboard allows you to add new features by installing a new plugin.

For example: Suppose you want to add social media sharing buttons to your website because you don’t like the default one. You simply need to visit Plugins -> Add New screen and search something like ‘Sharing’ or ‘Social Media’, you will be presented with so many plugins you can select from and install to your website.

The same technique works for adding other features also, maybe you would like to add contact forms or email subscription popups, etc.

Seventh, WordPress Ecommerce users will see a ‘Products’ menu where they can add the products for sale and the menu below it will enable you to manage the inventory and all the settings of your eCommerce website.

Eight, For any kind of support you should call the round-the-clock support team. They will not only help in the setup of your website but also in the online promotion of your business.

Why Every Event Organizer Must Have A Website?

When everything is going online, it is no more a question of whether you should have a website or not. In order to beat the competition and be found online, you must have a website on your own domain name.

Showcase The Best Work On Your Website

An event management website will help you to fight the competition in your area. By having a website you can not only showcase your best work but you can also outreach prospective clients by blogging about your business.

Your website will let your customers find all details about your business online in one place, and it would also be easy for you.

Whenever you send details to your prospect about your business, you may also send a link to your post on your website. That will help him to see your best works and it will also help you to earn some money if you have monetized your website with ads.

A good website will help you to show the photos and videos of the events you have organized in past by classifying them into different categories, it will help you target people online and tell them the story of your business. The people searching online about event organizers in their area, everybody does that will come to know about your business.

Some Ideas On How You Can Present Your Business on Your Website

You can make a website that when opens up displays the best full-screen photos of your past events. You can display the testimonials written by your happy clients to show how much your clients trust you and how you have kept them happy by giving your best.

You can encourage them to subscribe via email or register on your website so that they can always be in touch with you. By sending regular updates from your website, you will encourage them to tell others about your business when someone asks them about a good event management service in their area.

How You Can Make Your Website In Your Budget?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to Website Builder or a Managed WordPress plan. Once you do that the system will guide you in bringing your website online. It is a matter of an hour and you will end up having your own website.

If you need round-the-clock customer support there is to help you out both in making and promoting your business website.

You Need A Website Before You Start Internet Marketing

Anyone who wants to promote his business on the internet by any means of advertising or marketing will need a website.

Why Do You Need A Website Before You Start Marketing Your Business On The Internet?

Every advertisement or marketing campaign on the internet is also a link to a page and you can only obtain the whole benefit of your promotional campaign if that link takes people to your website and not to someone else website or a social media page.

Your Blogging Website Works As A Live Marketing Campaign

Your website with built-in blogging features itself works as an ongoing marketing campaign while even if you desire to use other channels of marketing, having a website becomes more important. Otherwise, the viewers will not reach your home page and you will not be able to hold a connection with them.

When visitors come to your website, you can encourage them to register or subscribe to your mailing list, and this way you can always stay in touch with them.

How You Can Startup A Website For Your Business?

You don’t have to put very complex features on your website but a simple website with a landing page built to capture leads or sell products or anything you want is going to work.

You can build up the website yourself, Sangkrit.net offers you Website Builder and Managed WordPress plans that you can use for building any kind of website (with a built-in blogging option) on your own without worrying about your technical skills.

Moreover, the advanced online support is universally available simply via an email to system @ sangkrit.net on a per-hour per-terminal basis that helps you to accomplish complex tasks of programming websites, eCommerce stores, and smartphone applications.

What Website Builder Plan You Should Subscribe?

Website Builder is the quickest way to build your personal or business website or online store on your own. It is a user-oriented application that works on your domain, providing you with an interface to smoothly make and manage your website.

There are four types of website builders available for you to select from:

  1. Website Builder Personal
  2. Website Builder Business
  3. Website Builder Business Plus
  4. Website Builder Online Store

Share your passion online

Website Builder Personal simply lets you make your personal website with a built-in blogging option to easily start posting on topics that interest you. You can post about your day-to-day activities, recipes, photos, knowledge, thinking, podcasts, and vlogs on YouTube, etc and you can monetize that with various monetizing programs such as Google Adsense.

Create an online presence for your business

The Website Builder Business lets you create a website for your business. On this website, you can put up the information that you otherwise need to explain to your customers.

Especially, if you deal in a product or service that needs demonstrations or have a lot of frequently asked questions, your website is a perfect place to present all that information. Your business website is an amazing tool to deliver information on demand.

This plan supports payment options letting your customers pay for some service or clear up any payment via PayPal Buy now or if you are working for a cause you can also collect donations via Donate Now button.

Another plan called Website Builder Business Plus is a more powerful plan offering you more features such as booking online appointments, social media interactions, and automatic posting to Facebook.

Start Selling Online

The Website Builder Online Store option lets you build an online store for selling your products and services online. This option is packed with all features that you get on cheaper plans that are mentioned above plus additional features of managing inventory, flexible shipping options, and more payment options including credit/debit cards to accept payments online from your customers.

It offers you the easiest way of creating an online shop to sell your products online. Its secure environment and round-the-clock customer support let you manage your eCommerce website easily on your own.

Every website builder plan implements an HTTPS connection i.e. SSL Certificate over your website. All plans come with built-in web hosting options and a side blog.

The rapid page load ensures that your website opens up quickly on web browsers, SEO i.e. search engine optimization works from your fingertips, it ensures that you don’t need any SEO expert for that.

You don’t need to configure anything separately as it is a bundled product that is designed especially for people who want to make and manage websites but don’t have any technical skills or have very less knowledge of websites.

Easiest Way To Have A Self-Manageable Online Shop

The new Website Builder Online Store, available with a monthly subscription option at Sangkrit.net gives you the most straightforward way to create and manage an online store on your own domain.

It offers you a highly customizable eCommerce website on your own domain for selling your products and services online.

It is an all-in-one website builder that lets you create your own eCommerce website simply by

  1. Picking up a template
  2. Adding content and business information
  3. Adding your products and payment options
  4. Managing everything from one dashboard
  5. Blogging to increase your website reach

This website builder lets you click and edit the section on your website for adding images, editing text, menu, or price list. It lets you design beautifully engraved content for social networks and email marketing. Plus the professionally designed eCommerce templates let you choose a design that is specific to your industry.

The sales, content, and everything else can be easily managed from one dashboard. It lets you sell anything, from products to services or something digital in a seamless shopping environment that is mobile-friendly and easy to manage.

Is Your Website Killing Your Business?

Your website has the power to leave a significant effect on your business, and this effect can be both good and bad depending on the technology you use, the coding of your website, and the quality of its content. A bad website can destroy your business.

By reading this lesson you will get to know:

  1. Whether your website is leaving a bad impact on your business?
  2. How to have a good business website?

Whether your website is leaving a bad impact on your business?

Making a website or getting it made by someone to bring you business online is just not enough. There are some important factors that you must know to have a positive impact on your business:

  1. Interactive
  2. User-oriented
  3. Good but simplified design
  4. No insecure content warnings
  5. Quickly open up in the browser
  6. Responsive and mobile friendly
  7. Easy introduction of your products & services
  8. And why and how anyone can buy them from you

How to have a good business website?

Website Builder simply lets you make that kind of business website. It offers you the simplest yet effective way of introducing your business, sharing information about your products, and optionally selling your products online.

The technology is new, the coding is perfect and it is a user-oriented product that interactively helps you easily make your or anyone’s website. It also works as a highly effective way of promoting anything you sell plus it is an affordable route to start online advertising and marketing your products.

You can subscribe to a plan of Website Builder to bring your business website online in less than an hour with customizable designs that are created for your industry.

Alternatively, especially for bigger projects; the advanced online support is universally available simply via an email to system @ sangkrit.net on a per-hour per-terminal basis.

How Do I Create My Website With Website Builder?

Your website would be whatever you want it to be. No matter what business you’re into; sales, property, art, food, decor, etc, Website Builder offers a website-building dashboard for every business. It is coded to let anyone build his website and edit it visually without any technical skills.

From publishing content to adding a shopping cart and from search engine optimization to social media integration, it is an all-in-one solution.

To start you simply need to register your domain name & subscribe to a Website Builder plan. Then,

Anyone can create his website in 4 easy steps,

Step-1 Pick a theme as per your business niche then add your logo, content, and other business information. Simply click to edit or add sections such as new pages, photo galleries, navigation bar & menus, and products from any device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Step-2 Additionally, you may enable the option for taking online appointments or eCommerce for selling your products online; if it is your business requirement.

Step-3 Publish your website. You can manage content from one dashboard which is accessible to you from any device.

Step-4 Use built-in marketing tools to let people find your website. It allows you to design beautifully branded content for the email and social media marketing.

It will let you reach prospects that otherwise wouldn’t be able to find you.

Creating a website with Website Builder is a fairly small effort that can have a huge impact on your business and its growth.

No matter you are making a basic website displaying your intro and contact, a business website, an online store, a landing page for your freelance work, a photo blog or a multi-page gallery for your wedding photography, or just a blog to post your thoughts or the photos you click.

A Website Builder does it all.

Create A Website For Your Business In An Hour With New Website Builder

It takes less than an hour to make your website online with the new Website Builder available at Sangkrit.net. It is specially programmed for people who simply want to bring their business online by launching a dynamic business website or eCommerce shop.

For others who are starting up, advanced online support is a superior alternative.

Till now you have learned about Managed WordPress which lets you create websites that can be extended to lots of new segments over time. It has millions of plugins and themes available that you can use for adding new elements to your website.

For Example: Suppose you are running a blog on Managed WordPress, and suddenly you think about adding merchandise, you can do it in a few clicks without disturbing your website and its content.

And then after some time, you again think about adding something else, again you can do it by installing a new plugin and in case no such plugin is available, you can get it coded with online support. That is the power of Managed WordPress.

On the other side, Website Builder has a fixed but complete set of options. If you simply want a Business Website with a blog or online store or altogether then it is the right choice for you. It is easy, it is user-friendly and anyone can use it for creating professional-looking dynamic websites.

Why sometimes a Website Builder becomes a better choice than Managed WordPress?

As explained above, Managed WordPress is a powerful system and Website Builder has a fixed set of options but these limitations make website builders more secure for people who don’t know how to work with the security of WordPress and they frequently install unknown plugins and themes.

What a Website Builder offers you?

Once you register your domain name and subscribe to a Website Builder plan, you get the following set of features to build your website in less than an hour:

  1. You can create a blog
  2. You can create a donation website
  3. You can create an eCommerce website
  4. You can sell physical or digital products
  5. You can manage inventory, use shipping options
  6. You can access credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments
  7. You can build an online appointment booking website
  8. It is a complete package of features plus hosting
  9. You can share content on Facebook, etc
  10. It offers social media integration
  11. It offers SEO optimization
  12. Responsive mobile site
  13. It offers SSL security
  14. Rapid page load

How to build your website with Website Builder?

Register your domain name, subscribe to a Website Builder plan and then its automated process will let you create your website.

Once the domain is registered, it lets you connect it to your Website Builder. Next, Website Builder asks you to select your website type, which can be a blog, an informative website, or online store, etc

Then it lets you select your website theme, and add your information such as pages, images, and other things.

Select your website settings such as social media integration, and payment method integration (if you will be accepting payments from your website). Finally, you can preview and publish your website.

For any sort of help, it also offers you round-the-clock support available to you via email and phone.

New Website Builder At SANGKRIT.net Allows You To Add/Import Blog

Website Builder is a powerful alternative to hiring web-designers to design your website. It’s intuitive navigation, templates and drag-and-drop functionality lets you to design your own website without the need of any technical skills or coding.

It takes away the hassle out of building a website. You simply subscribe a Website Builder plan, pick up your design, add your text, drag and drop images you want and that’s it! You’re ready to come online.

Recently, the Website Builder has added a new app that allows you to import your blog from Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and TypePad. In this lesson you will learn how you can add your blog to your Website Builder website.

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Domain Name At SANGKRIT.net Is Enough To Start Website

Unlike to other domain registrars and web-hosting providers, SANGKRIT.net now provides you complete package to start your own website and email account on your domain.

In general domain registrars ask you to purchase a hosting account along with domain name to start website.

But when you purchase a domain name at SANGKRIT.net, you not only get complete control over your domain but also a website builder app and email account service to start up your own website in minutes.  Continue reading Domain Name At SANGKRIT.net Is Enough To Start Website

Top 3 Services That Offers You Free Domain Name

There are three user friendly website builder services that not only allows you to create any kind of website in minutes but also provides you with a free domain name. Suppose if you want a blog, dynamic website or any website with all those features you dream then you may go for WordPress Hosting. If you want a beautiful static website for your business, portfolio, project, resume etc then you may go for Website Builder. And third, service Quick Shopping Cart allows you to build e-Commerce web stores for selling things online.

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Register A Free Domain With Website Hosting

SANGKRIT.net provides its users a FREE DOMAIN NAME (One FREE .COM, .CO, .NET or .ORG).

In this tutorial we will show you how to get a completely free domain name of your choice with purchase of a web-hosting, website builder or quick shopping cart.

The only thing to keep in mind is to first add both hosting and domain to your cart with 12, 24 or 36 month plan. As soon you add hosting and domain to your cart, the domain will become free.

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