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Now You Can Make Both Websites & Applications With Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress is a packaged service that saves you from the hassle of setting up hosting, installing WordPress, and implementing security and backup components.

With the time and contributions of programmers around the world, now WordPress has become so wonderful that you can use it for building most types of projects, no matter it is a website, blog, eCommerce, or mobile application.

To build any kind of website or blog you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. If you want to start an eCommerce shop, simply subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce to start selling your products online in less than an hour. It is so easy that anyone can do it on his own.

Operating WordPress As A Fully-Featured Application Framework

The REST-API was added to the WordPress core and that has expanded its potential to interact with other sites and frameworks so it can now be used as a fully-featured application framework.

WordPress can be your ultimate choice as now you can use it for building any project. You may simply start by blogging your business and as you start hitting new ideas in your mind you can extend it with plugins, and finally, the REST API is there that gives you full access to WordPress features from any JSON-compatible framework. It can be used for managing posts, members, categories, and more from external platforms. 

Keep reading and in the upcoming lessons, you will learn more about the WordPress REST-API and how you can use it for building projects, and how you can use it for earning money by helping other businesses come online.

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