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An Easy Step-By-Step Process To Take Your Business Online

By following this easy process anyone can build his business website or online store himself and whenever you need, experts are just a phone call away to assist you with your website.

First, finalize your domain name and register it. It can be your business name .com .org .net, etc, or your-full-name dot extension of your choice.

Second, Subscribe to Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce if you want an online store website. Next, visit your account’s ‘Products’ page and click ‘Setup’ next to Managed WordPress option on your screen. You will be taken through a tour asking you a few questions and then you will logged-in to the dashboard of your website.

Next time you need to log in simply visit in your web browser.

Third, your website is now live and you are in the dashboard of your website. Here, you will see the ‘Posts’ options, used for publishing new blog posts. By default, these are visible on the home page of your website but in case you want, you can change that from the Settings -> Reading option on your dashboard.

Fourth, another option called ‘Pages’ is also visible on your dashboard’s screen. There you can create and add new pages such as traditional about, contact, and as many as you want you can add from there.

You can create some pages display photo galleries or list your services with a call to action option. A call to action means a button that allows customers to take action. This action can be of purchasing the product, subscribing to a service, or simply contacting you.

Fifth, you see the ‘Appearance’ option on the dashboard. This is used for changing the look and feel of your website. There are thousands of themes available. You can select your industry-specific theme or stick to the default one, as you like.

Sixth, The ‘Plugins’ option on your dashboard allows you to add new features by installing a new plugin.

For example: Suppose you want to add social media sharing buttons to your website because you don’t like the default one. You simply need to visit Plugins -> Add New screen and search something like ‘Sharing’ or ‘Social Media’, you will be presented with so many plugins you can select from and install to your website.

The same technique works for adding other features also, maybe you would like to add contact forms or email subscription popups, etc.

Seventh, WordPress Ecommerce users will see a ‘Products’ menu where they can add the products for sale and the menu below it will enable you to manage the inventory and all the settings of your eCommerce website.

Eight, For any kind of support you should call the round-the-clock support team. They will not only help in the setup of your website but also in the online promotion of your business.

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