How To Display Top Songs Everyday In WordPress?

Today a user at asked us how he can display a list of top songs on his music weblog. There are various ways of displaying songs manually in WordPress and if you like doing this automatically then go for Top Songs, a widget plugin that automatically generates and display a list of top songs everyday in your WordPress site.

Top Songs 1

Simply install and activate it then visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets page and drag ‘Top Songs’ widget to sidebar or any other widget area. You can set its title, number of songs to display, include songs thumbnails and links. When you’re done with the options, simply save the widget and it will start displaying daily top songs via AJAX script.

Top Songs 2

The songs are cached for every 2 hours after loading data from external source. When links are enables, clicking a song directs uses to a website where they can listen to the song, watch its video etc.

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