How To Create An Online Music Store With WordPress & PayPal?

You can sell audio files like music, speeches, narratives, MP3 and more using your WordPress site and your PayPal account. Music Store is an awesome online store plugin which enables WordPress users for selling audio files: music, speeches, narratives, everything that is audio, you can receive secure payments with PayPal.

How Music Store Works?

Music Store  plugin protects your audio files on your website by preventing them from being downloaded without prior permission. The plugin also includes an audio player compatible with all popular web-browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android.

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It’s audio player is developed following the html5 standard; in old browsers the music player uses alternative technologies like Flash and Silverlight. The Music Store audio player supports the following file formats: MP3, WAV, WMA and OGA.

Main Features:

  1. Enables selling audio files via PayPal
  2. Includes a module to track sales statistics
  3. Adds a new custom setup of the online store
  4. Supports all most popular web browsers & mobile devices
  5. Includes an audio player that supports formats: OGA, MP3, WAV, WMA
  6. Provides sharing songs in social networks (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

How To Use Music Store Plugin?

The plugin also provides you a premium version but the good thing is that its free version has all the features you need to create an Music Store on your website.

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