How To oEmbed HTML5 Audio Files In WordPress ?

oEmbed has made content embedding really very easy for bloggers, for example if you want to embed a YouTube video in your WordPress site then you simply paste the video URL and it gets embedded automatically without using any iframe code. In the same way for embedding images you simply paste the image file URL in your blog post and it gets embedded automatically. oEmbed features now comes in BuddyPress also, now by pasting any video or image URL in BuddyPress activity stream makes it auto embed.

In this tutorial we are discussing how you can oEmbed your Audio MP3 files in your blog posts and pages of your WordPress site. But first you should know that your Media Library (Dashboard -> Media -> Library) is powerful enough that you can upload all your audio files easily but after you upload your audio files in your Media Library you will be needing a player to play them. By default WordPress doesn’t provides you any media player. Follow these steps:

Install and activate oEmbed HTML5 audio plugin, it converts given audio URLs to embedded audio files (MP3, OGG, WAV) into HTML5 audio with Flash-based player backup. Upon activation you can start embedding Mp3 Audio Files inside you posts simply by pasting their URLs as shown in the following screenshots:

You can upload new audio files in while writing your blog posts, using ‘Add Media’ button in post’s edit page. After you upload your Audio File, copy its URL and paste it in your blog post and the audio would be getting automatically embedding with player in your blog post.

This plugin uses HTML5 audio tag for oEmbedding your audio files so you should know that Firefox currently doesn’t support oEmbed for HTML 5 audio so when blog post is opened in Firefox, the plugin uses Flash Player instead of HTML5. Tested support in different web-browsers is given on this plugin’s page on WordPress.Org

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