Minimally Invasive Advertising On Top Corners Of Your WordPress Site

Corner Ad is a WordPress plugin for minimally invasive advertising that gets displayed on top corners  of your webpages. The position is typically under-utilized by developers and attracts your visitors using a cool visual effect and imitating a page flip.

The plugin initially displays a partial advertisement that draws user’s attention and when user hovers the mouse, it opens up to its full size imitating a page-flip effect and as soon as the mouse is moved away, the ad returns back to its initial size.

Installtion & Usage: Install and activate Corner Ad plugin then follow the given steps:

  • Step-1 After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Corner AD admin page. Now enter your ad name, its link URL, target, ad image, set as mirror, add corner color, set open-close corner time in seconds and click the save button.

  • Step-2 Now again visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Corner AD. You will see that the Ad you have created is in the list. You can create new adds and manage all other Ads from here by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

Inserting Ads In Pages, Posts, CPTs Etc

  • Step-3 You can insert Ads either by copying their shortcodes from the Cornet Ad list in dashboard -> Settings -> Corner Ad or you can directly insert them by using its ‘Ad Insertion Icon’ present in visual editor of Add New/Edit content pages.

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