Highly Customizable & Very Handy Preloading Page For Your WordPress Site

Earlier we discussed about a Beautiful Preloading Screen Plugin You Can Use In Your WordPress Site. Now this tutorial is on a new preloading page which is very easy to use, gets activated as soon you activate the plugin and allows you to use custom colors, and also you can add image in your website’s preloading page.

Install and activate Loading Page plugin. After activation  visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Loading Page and here you can set the following options if you require:

  1. Enable/Disable loading screen
  2. Enable/Disable loading percent
  3.  Select custom foreground color
  4. You can select a loading screen
  5. Select custom background color

Other than this the plugin also provides you a pro version  which add a few more good features like you can enable image lazy loading feature to load faster and reduce the bandwidth consumption and also you can select the image to load by default, visit its admin area options page for more info.

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