Easily Create Top Corner Ads In Your WordPress Site

You can display ads with turning animation on any top corner of your WordPress site. Corner Ad is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make use of your webpage’s top corner for promotion and advertising.

The plugin can be used for displaying announcements, newsflashes, any event or anything else you like promoting on your website.

The plugin allows you to create multiple ads and then display them selectively on posts, pages and other custom post types with the help of shortcodes. 


  1. Minimally invasive
  2. Display the ad at top corner area of the page
  3. The animation in the Corner Ad captures the user’s attention
  4. It is possible to associate an image and an URL to the Corner Ad
  5. The target of the link can be selected
  6. Configurable background color for the ad to match the web page design
  7. Automatic mirror effect
  8. Configurable time for automatic open and close actions
Start by installing ‘Corner Ad’ plugin in WordPress

Corner Ad 2

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Corner Ad and click ‘Create New Ad’ button.

Corner Ad 3

Create your ad, save changes and the move back to Settings -> Corner Ad page.

Corner Ad 1

Copy the shortcode and use it inside your post/page content. No matter where you place shortcode, ad will be displayed on the top right or left corner of your website.

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