How To Automatically Backup Your Complete WordPress Site To Google Drive ?

You can set WordPress to automatically backup your WordPress site including full database and all or selected files & directories of your WordPress installation.

Step-1 First of all install and activate Google Drive for WordPress plugin. After activation visit Dashboard -> Configure Google page and enter your Google Client ID and Client Secret, if you don’t have one then create it by following the link there it self. (Know how to create Google Client ID and Secret ?)After pasting your Client ID and Client Secret click the button “Allow Access” and confirm.

Step-2 Now visit Dashboard -> Configure Google -> Backup Settings page and here you can set:

  1. Backup Folder Name
  2. Enable Admin Notification Mail
  3. Set Backup Time Interval
  4. View Next Backup Scheduled for None

Step-3 From Dashboard -> Configure Google -> Manage Database page you can enable database backup, exclude selected tables from backup if needed etc.

Step-4 From Dashboard -> Configure Google -> Manage Files page you can easily exclude directories and files (by ticking the boxes) from backup.

That’s all, it will automatically backup your website (at given time intervals) to Google Drive and in the given folder. For manually backing up your website under given settings visit Dashboard -> Configure Google ->On Time Backup and click Backup button. View Screenshots Here.

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