Enable Beautiful Page Transitions Between WordPress Pages

Few months back we discussed about the plugin that makes your website completely ajaxified which means there will be no browser reloading between clicks. We have also posted tutorials on preloading page plugins like Ultimate Preloader and Loading Page plugin.

This tutorial is on something new and more powerful. There are some WordPress themes that doesn’t support ajaxified plugin we discussed before. On some WordPress themes AJAX loading function crashes displaying CSS of your websites. Preloading and AJAX Loading plugins works fine on most WordPress theme but not all. Specially they crashes on sites using premium and highly customizable themes.

Simple Page Transition, This new awesome WordPress plugin automatically enables simple transition between pages (between unload and load) and hence your visitors don’t see page loading. The plugin automatically starts working after activation. Just install and activate it the move to the frontend, click different pages and see how it looks like.

It provides you customization options. You can use your own loader image, setup a custom background color, position and and also the duration of the transition from its admin page present in your dashboard’s settings menu.

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