Advanced Advertising System – Sell Advertising Space And Set Prices For Spots In WordPress

Advanced Advertising System provides you many professional features for managing advertisers on your WordPress site. The plugin provides you options to sell advertising spaces on your website and set prices for each spot.

It allows you to control campaign especially the pricing model for each advertiser. You can manage ads zone(place) and specify the pricing model like CPM, CPC, CPP for each zone slot on your website. 

The main features of this plugin are:

  • The best controller for the advert
  • Create zones to display on front-end
  • Choose rotation type and timeout
  • Specify the price for each zone slot for different advertisers depends on the priority
  • Manage advertisers
  • Create campaigns for each advertiser and attach them to the zones
  • Choose the pricing model for the campaign(CPM, CPC, CPP)
  • Limit budget for the campaign to prevent unwanted spam clicks or impressions
  • Specify priority for the campaign
  • Limit total impressions or person impressions to prevent unwanted spam clicks or impressions
  • Schedule the campaign
  • Create banners for each campaign
Start by installing ‘Advanced Advertising System’ plugin in WordPress.

Upon activation the plugin adds a new admin menu ‘Advertising’ on your admin area dashboard’s left side navigation.

To start you will be having to create 4 things step by step. Set campaign, make sure that you have set everything correctly like budget, end date and zone attachment.


Advanced Advertising System 1


Advanced Advertising System 2


Advanced Advertising System 3

For displaying ads first, you will have to create zone. When creating a campaign, attach campaign to the zones and then you can use a shortcode or widget to display them.

You can display advertising using its widget from your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets screen or place shortcode [aas_zone zone_id=””] with zone ID.

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