Beautiful Preloading Screen For Your WordPress Site

You must have observed a preloading screen in some sites showing loading percentage before all website including all images, CSS, jQuery gets fully loaded on your webrowser. Now using a new plugin you can easily add this functionality to your WordPress site and display a preloading screen before all your website images including the images in CSS gets fully loaded.

Install and activate Ultimate Preloader then visit your Dashboard -> Settings -> Ultimate Preloader. Here you can turn ON/OFF your preloader screen using a button and set various options. It includes following features:

  1. You can turn ON/OFF perloading in just a click
  2. You can set custom Background Color, Perloader Color and Preloader Style
  3. You can turn percentage display ON/OFF, change its size and select a position for it to display on your website
  4. You can set Preloader Bar Height, width etc
  5. You can  use a custom background image and select its position on your website

After making customizations; open your website and see how its working. More of its screenshots are given on its WordPress.Org plugin page

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