Easily Collect, Organize & Use Beautiful Clip Arts In WordPress

Clip arts are the simple images and symbols made available for computer users to add in their documents and now inside your WordPress post contents etc. ClipArt is a powerful WordPress plugin which is very easy to use, provides you a TinyMCE button for inserting cliparts, you can search clipart and import them directly from openclipart.org instead of uploading images, there is no hotlinking, clipart are saved to your WordPress site and it allows you to use clipart tags to organize your clipart.

Clipart Images Inside A WordPress Blog Post:

Inserting Clipart  Inside Your Posts:

Managing Your Clipart Image Tags:

Installation & Usage: Install and activate the plugin. Upon activation the plugin adds a TinyMCE button in WordPress visual editor, using this button you can search, download, save them to library and insert them in your content.

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