Editorial Calendar For WordPress: Easiest Way To View, Manage And Schedule Blog Posts

Editorial Calendar is a powerful and free WordPress plugin that makes it possible for you to see all of your blog posts and manage them via dragdrop feature.This plugin makes it easy for you to manage and schedule your blog posts.

Suppose you have to write a post for next Tuesday and then again next Tuesday but WordPress doesn’t make it easy for you to see when your blog posts are scheduled. Now, if you Editorial Calendar installed on your website you can quickly take an overview of your blog and when each post would be getting published. Also you can dragdrop and move all your posts, then edit your posts right from this calendar and manage your entire WordPress blog easily. You may try the calendar before installing it in your site, check out demo installation at Zack’s WordPress.

After activation visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Calender for viewing more of its screenshots follow this link.


  1. You can easily see the status of your blog posts
  2. You can drag and drop to change your post dates
  3. You can manage posts from multiple blog authors
  4. Allows you to publish your posts and manage drafts
  5. You can see all your posts and when they’ll be posted
  6. You can manage your drafts with our new drafts drawer
  7. Allows you to quick edit your post titles, contents, and times

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