How To Easily Make Sticky Posts In WordPress?

We have posted many tutorials about sticky i.e. featured posts on your WordPress site but we have never discussed how to turn any post sticky. Sticky post is a built-in WordPress feature. All sticky posts gets stick to the top of your home page and you can keep them there, it doesn’t matter how many new posts you publish. In this tutorial we show you how to make any post sticky and then how to turn it back to un-sticky whenever you need.

There are two ways of making any post sticky. First works from the ADD NEW/EDIT post screen and second feature works from Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts screen’s quick edit post option .

How To Make Any Post Sticky?

How To Make Posts Sticky In WordPress? 1

While writing or editing any post click ‘Edit’ button right to ‘Visibility’ option present in ‘Publish’ metabox and then tick ‘Stick this post to the front page’. Using this feature you can feature any post by sticking it to the top of your blog page.

How To Make Posts Sticky In WordPress? 2

Second Method: Navigate to Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts page, scroll to post you like to make sticky, then click ‘Quick Edit’ button and tick the option ‘Make this post sticky’ followed by the update button.

How To Turn Posts Back To Unsticky?

You can either open sticky post for editing and uncheck the sticky option or if you have made a number of posts sticky in your website then visit Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts page and you will be noticing a new filter ‘Sticky‘ is added right next to the ‘Drafts’ and ‘Trash’ links. Click that ‘Sticky‘ link and you will be directed to a list view showing all your sticky posts. Now use ‘Quick Edit’ and turn your posts to unsticky.

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