How To Organize WordPress Posts By Color ?

All Posts page in WordPress admin area contains a list of all your blog posts from all categories, all authors, even drafts and other posts statuses. You can organize your posts better in admin area by assigning different colors to your posts based on their authors, categories etc.

Color My Posts is new WordPress plugin that allows you to style all posts in dashboard based on many criteria:

  1. Atom
  2. Author
  3. Post ID
  4. Post Tags
  5. Post Status
  6. Post Types
  7. Post Format
  8. Post Categories
Color My Posts In WordPress Admin Area

Hence with this plugin you can make post management very easy. If you are running a blog with many authors then you can assign a different color to each author or you can separate your color from other authors, You can assign a different color to drafts because sometimes they confuses you in the list of all posts in admin area. You can assign a different color for hidden categories and different post formats like links, status, quotes, media etc.

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