How To Schedule Republishing Of An Existing WordPress Blog Post ?

This tutorial is about setting up a blog post to get republished after a given interval of time for promotion purposes or for driving traffic back to some useful article. You can easily do so by using the new WordPress plugin called Repeating Posts.

Install and activate Repeating Posts plugin. After activation the plugin adds a Repeating Post meta box at the very bottom of Add New & Edit Post pages. You can simply type the number of days there and your post will be getting automatically republished.

Republish WordPress Post

The plugin lets WordPress site admins to grab an existing blog post (aka template) and create its clones for future publication. This can be really helpful for mass communication blogs which have recurring events or regular scheduled announcements etc.

Example, a book club blog could have a post titled – “Team Leaders’ Monthly Meeting”. The plugin enables admins to schedule a clone of that post to run after every 30 days round the year.

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