Easiest Way Of Inserting Pull Quotes Inside Your WordPress Blog Posts And Pages

You must have seen in various popular websites showing pull quotes in their blog posts and pages. WordPress provides you  quotes feature but pull quotes mostly comes inbuilt in premium WordPress themes. Although you can register a shortcode for using pull quotes in you articles but that is not easy for all WordPress bloggers.


This tutorial is about a light WordPress plugin that allows you to use pull quotes anywhere in your post and page content just by using simple shortcodes. So first of all install and activate Simple Pull Quotes plugin in your WordPress site and that’s all, you can start using the its shortcodes. For adding a pull quote what you need to do is use enclose you test in this plugin’s shortcodes like this:

[pullquote]YOUR TEXT HERE[/pullquote]

If you need more options of using different shortcodes to add many premium theme like features in you free WordPress theme then read this article.

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