Easiest Way For Managing WordPress Sticky Posts, Turn Them On-Off In One Click

Normally you turn your WordPress blog posts sticky (featured) from Dashboard -> All Posts’s Quick Edit by checking and un-checking the box. But here we are discussing about the easiest method for turning blog posts sticky or turning sticky posts to normal ones.

Sticky Posts is used for displaying some blog posts as featured ones. It allows you to marks your posts and keep them at the top of the blog posts page.

SM Sticky Clicky Star is a WordPress plugin that allows you to turn posts sticky and unsticky more quickly than the default procedure of WordPress. It turns your posts sticky in one single click from your admin area as you can clearly see its functioning in the given screenshot.

WordPress SM Sticky Clicky Star

After activation, it adds a star icon (in admin area post list)which uses AJAX and when clicked it immediately makes your post sticky. It uses inbuilt WordPress functions thus reduces possibilities of conflicts with the theme and plugins you are using.

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