Integrating Pixabay Free Image Library In WordPress is a free community service designed for globally sharing and using public domain images. The service can be used by anyone who needs high quality photos to use in blog, website, articles etc. 

Although anyone can browse and download images from pixabay anytime simply by visiting its homepage and typing in some keywords to search images for.

In this article we will be showing you how you can integrate the same service with your WordPress media library system so that you can browse pixabay images simply by clicking the ‘Add Media’ button in Add New/Edit content screens.

Start by installing and activating Pixabay Images plugin in WordPress

Pixabay Images is a free plugin that lets you use pixabay images while composing new posts.

Upon activation, you are almost ready to go.

The plugin adds its button next to ‘Add Media’ button in Add New/Edit content screens.

Pixabay Images 1

What you have to do is click that button and then follow these steps:

After clicking ‘Pixabay’ button, type in the keywords and tick what image type you would like to search for (You can search horzontal/vertical photos and clip arts).

Pixabay Images 3

Hover images to preview them and click to select and use them inside your post content.

Pixabay Images 4

The plugin automatically inserts the attribution and link as caption.

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