How To Click & Save Any Online Image To WordPress Media Library?

Any online image can be saved to the media library of your WordPress Website either with a click on the image’s page or by pasting the image URL in the admin panel of your website.

To add these features to your WordPress site, simply navigate to Plugins -> Add New section and search for LH Add Media From Url plugin.

Saving Image By Pasting The URL

After activation, you can save any media file from your admin area dashboard Media -> Add from URL page.

Simply paste the URL of the media file and proceed by clicking the ‘Submit’ button. In a few seconds, the image would get saved in your media library and you would be able to give it a title, alt text, and other optional information.

The saved images can be used on any post or page of your website simply by using the ‘Add Media’ button and then selecting the image from the media library.

Saving Image In One Click

The plugin also offers you a bookmarklet that can be dragged to your browser’s bookmarks bar from Media -> Add from the URL page.

Now, whenever you want to upload an online file to your website, you can upload it by clicking the bookmarklet. It skips the process of copying and pasting of URL for saving the image and the image automatically gets saved to your WordPress site’s media library.

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