Enhance Management Of WordPress Media Library Using Media Library Assistant

Add several kinds of enhancements to default WordPress Media Library, like as full taxonomy support, quick edit actions in bulk and reports on where media is used.

Media Library Assistant, a WordPress plugin lets you do all these things. It includes following more features:


  1. An inline “Quick Edit” action for many common fields.
  2. Shows which posts use a media item as the “featured image”
  3. Shows which posts use a media item as inserted image or link
  4. Provides many more listing columns (more than 15) to choose
  5. Provides additional view filters for mime types and taxonomies
  6. Allows you to edit the attachment author, the name/slug and to “unattach” items
  7. Displays more attachment information such as parent information, file URL and image metadata
  8. Inline “Bulk Edit” ; update author or parent, add, remove, replace taxonomy terms for several attachments at once.
  9. Complete support for ALL taxonomies, including the standard Categories and Tags, custom taxonomies and the Assistant’s pre-defined Att. Categories and Att. Tags. You can add taxonomy columns to the Assistant listing, filter on any taxonomy, assign terms and list the attachments for a term.
Given screenshot shows Media Library Assistant submenu showing available columns, including “Featured in”, “Inserted in”, “Att. Categories” and “Att. Tags”; and also Quick Edit area. View more screenshots here.
Enhance Management Of WordPress Media Library

Installation And Usage

  1. Install and activate this plugin
  2. Visit settings page to customize category-tag support
  3. Visit the “Assistant” submenu in the Media admin section
  4. For customizing the display click the Screen Options link
  5. Use enhanced Edit page for assigning the categories and tags

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