How To Integrate Google Drive With WordPress Media Library?

You can easily integrating Google Drive with WordPress media library to make it accessible from from ADD NEW & EDIT content screens via Add Media thickbox.

This way you can insert your Google Drive images and other media files inside your posts, pages and other custom post types using native WordPress ADD MEDIA thickbox.

This is not all, but it also allows you to upload media files to Google Drive right from WordPress admin section.

Google Drive WP Media is a WordPress-Google Drive integration plugin that enables publishing and file uploads between your WordPress website and your Google Drive.

How Google Drive WP Media plugin works?

Once configurations are set, the plugin automatically adds a new section in your ‘Add Media’ thick box which provides you direct access to your Google Drive files.

There, you can manage your files remotely from your WordPress website or upload/share media directly from your website’s admin section to Google Drive.

  • It provides you option to auto insert your Google Drive files into your WordPress Media Library.
  • You can easily attach your Google Drive files to your posts (via ‘Add Media’ button)
  • You can upload your files from WordPress to Google Drive.
  • The plugin allows you to create folder for storing your files.
  • 700kb chunked for handle uploading large files.
  • Displaying current storage space.
  • Create WordPress image galleries.
  • Dummy internal URLs.
  • Delete Google Drive files and folder
  • Media Library categories
  • Automatically create Media Library category based on Google Drive folder name
  • Filtering files by its categories in Add Media upload tab

How To Use Google Drive WP Media Plugin?

Start by installing ‘Google Drive WP Media’ plugin in WordPress.

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Media -> Google Drive WP Media admin page and type in your Google Email, Client ID, Service Account Name, Private Key URL Path to connect it to your Google Drive.

Once account is connected to your Google Drive, you may start managing it from admin page.

How To Use Google Drive Images In WordPress Posts?

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Visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New/Edit screen, click ‘Add Media’ button and select ‘Google Drive WP Media’ from the left section as shown in the given screenshots.

3 thoughts on “How To Integrate Google Drive With WordPress Media Library?”

  1. Great article, I will try my best with these points. Every points of this post are very good. I would try to my best use these. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  2. Hello,
    I am looking for a plugin to implement the following WordPress functionalities:
    a group of registered users will be enabled to:
    1. log in from a WordPress website;
    2. access to an area linked to a google drive account with the possibility to upload and download files and create folders.
    The log in screen has to be embedded in the header of the website.
    May you tell me if your plugin may feature all of them please? thank you.
    If not hot to get them?

    1. The given plugin provides you integration between WordPress media library and Google Drive. Additionally you can make use of Google Drive Embedder plugin ( to browse Google Drive documents and embed them directly in your posts/pages.

      Now you want a group of users to be enabled to do so, simply visit your admin area dashboard Users -> Add New page and create new author accounts for the group of users you want to provide access to.

      Regarding login in the header of your website, it depends on what type of theme you are using and what are your coding skills. Some themes provides you header widget areas, in such themes you can simply place a login widget and that’s all. There are many free login widget plugins available in WordPress plugins repository. Or you can place login in your WordPress admin bar, Try this plugin –

      If this solves your problem then great or you can hire a dedicated developer @15USD/hour by sending an email to

      If you have any more questions the please don’t temporize to contact us here.

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