Automatically Add Images From ZIP File To Media Library In WordPress

Now you can upload media files like photos and videos etc directly from ZIP file to your WordPress media library and the use them inside your posts, pages and other custom post types.

The feature is great for photo blogging, portfolio websites uploading big amount of high quality images. It not only makes uploading faster but uses less amount of data, memory, resources and the very good thing is you can upload many images at once. 

Upunzipper is the new WordPress plugin that provides you an easy way to extract and add files in media library directly from a ZIP.

You just need to upload or select an already uploaded ZIP file and the plugin will extract all files adding them automatically to WordPress media library.

Start by installing ‘Upunzipper’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Unzipper screen and click + button.

Unzipper 1

This opens up native WordPress media library thick box where you can either select a pre-uploaded ZIP file or upload ZIP file from your machine’s local drive.

Unzipper 2

When the file is uploaded, simply click ‘Select your zip file’ button, it takes some time extracting all images from your ZIP file and adds them in your media library.

Unzipper 4

You can access and use images by clicking ‘Add Media’ button present in visual editor of posts, pages and other content types.

Unzipper 5

When you are done, you may delete the ZIP file from media library. this can also be done from ‘Add Media’ button or visiting your admin area dashboard Media -> Library screen.

If you want us to setup this plugin on your website or know about any similar plugin then feel free to mention it here via following comment form.

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