New WordPress Plugin For Searching & Inserting Tattoo Images From A Free Cloud Library

Tattoo Images is new WordPress plugin that lets you use tattoo images in your WordPress site. The plugin provides you access to a library of tattoo images direct from your default WordPress media inserter thick box. You can search for the images right from your edit post page, select and insert images and it automatically adds required image credit link so you don’t need to worry about any other thing. All images are safe to use, they only requires a link back to the source which this plugin does automatically.

To start, simply install and activate Tattoo Images plugin and then follow the given steps:

Step-1 Upon activation, the plugin adds a ‘Tattoo Gallery’ tab in ‘Add Media’ thick box.

So click ‘Tattoo Gallery’ whenever you need using a tattoo image.

Step-2 Type the keywords, from the displayed image search results click to select the image you like using in your content.

Step-3 Now finally click ‘Show’ button followed by ‘Insert into post’ button. (just like you do for images located in default WordPress media library)

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