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Consumers Are Gone Online

Your storefront may have a great display of products but the new consumer is less likely to walk into your store, roam around, and randomly get attracted to your products. This is where the necessity of having an eCommerce website comes into play.

In order to thrive in your business in 2020 and beyond, you need to translate the presentation of your products into your website’s homepage so that customers would be able to browse your products online on your website.

Just as good customer service is a top priority for businesses, a fast and mobile-friendly website is a must for a better online experience of your store. Doing business online is a safe, comfortable, cost-effective solution and it is now a necessity, not a choice. If you are not online to serve your customers, it doesn’t mean that your customers are also offline, they are already online and they don’t have to build an online store like you.

How To Start Selling Online?

Simply register your domain name and subscribe WordPress Ecommerce to bring your business website online and start selling your products right from your smartphone. You can do this all yourself, the automated process of WordPress Ecommerce will take you to the admin panel of your website from where you can control the inventory, manage products, and add your payment methods.

And once you successfully set up your business website, you can help other businesses in doing the same. You may charge some amount for that and build up a second source of income by working as a people’s personal outlet.

Securing Your Brand Name At SANGKRIT.net

While selecting a brand name for your startup, you must look up for the available domain names. The system often uses Bulk Domain search that allows you to look up a name on multiple domain extensions. As these days, with the growth of new TLD extensions such as .global, .company, .systems, .technology, .enterprises etc many more domain extensions have become available to choose from.

You should choose a brand name that is unique, this will also help you in securing all its domain extensions. In case you have made up your mind for your brand name and your favorite domain name is unavailable then look up for other available options such as .co, .net, .biz and there are many more, use Bulk Domain search. A broader array of domain names are available at SANGKRIT.net so that you can easily get to know about more options on a domain name.

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Alternatively, you can also search for the unavailable domain name and place a backorder. It helps you to acquire your favorite domain as soon it becomes available for registration. But placing a backorder does not mean a guarantee that you will get the domain name as the present owner might renew the domain on time.

If someone else has registered the domain name of your trademark?

Follow the guidelines outlined in ICANN’s Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy i.e. UDRP.

You may consult a lawyer ensuring your case is as strong as possible. Remember, even though you own your trademark, a domain owner is still likely to fight back to keep the domain.

Getting such domain names can be expensive, but if you own your trademark then you have a chance of getting the domain from the squatter.

Alternatively, you may also contact the domain owner and make an offer. This can be done by searching owner’s contact information on his website or via Who. Is record.

To avoid such issues, it is better to secure all important domains extensions of your brand name.

Shardul Pandey Talks To Sujit Thakur, Co-Founder & CEO Of Kijag Infosystem

Sujit Thakur (Co-Founder & CEO) started his Journey as a Technical Writer in Bangalore. With his masters degree in IT and 5 solid years of Job experience, Sujit started to realize that he was born to do more, something on his own, something for the society, and of course make a royal living out of it.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Jason Shah, Founder of DO.com

Jason Shah is founder & CEO of DO.com that helps netizens run productive meetings. The application provides a private cloud for each meeting – the files, realtime and collaborative notes, private notes, followups, outcomes, and more all live in one ultimate, reliable, secure place.

One can set an agenda to let others know what the meeting is all about. Meetings can be related to one another in order to increase continuity in work. It also allows you to search meetings, have the notes automatically sent out when meetings end.

On mobile, user can quickly email other participants, schedule a followup, or jot down important notes connected to the meeting.

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Easily Create Instant Legal Agreements For Your Startup

Handshake and commitment may go a long way but a simple legal agreement is known for saving time and business relationships in long run.

Creating legal agreement is easy now, there are various online services that allows anyone to generate various types of custom agreements to legally bind their users.

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Six Startup Tools To Boost Your Productivity

#1 Do, a startup tool used by thousand plus companies to run productive meetings. Through a collaborative digital workspace for every meeting, it helps companies be more efficient and employees escape the dread of unproductive work meetings. It lets you easily see what exactly is going on.

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Build Smart Startup Networking On Social Media To Ignite Real Deals

Connecting to someone in school, college or office is not same as igniting real business conversations. A classmate who may have been of great importance to you won’t matter much as you attempt to take your step to make a successful begin.

Similarly, connecting with new people on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networking websites, all ‘ADD ME’ type groups may find you a lot of new friends but they won’t give you any benefit in making good business deals.

The reason is, in business networking space, it is very important to figure out whom to choose and why to connect. Hence one important thing in doing startup networking on social media websites is to find your target audience and right people to connect with.

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Google Ventures Startup Has Chosen WordPress For Website

Netizens often make mistake of classifying WordPress as blogging platform or just content management system. While you can still use one click WordPress install to start your own website or go for Managed WordPress hosting, now it can be programmed to work as fully functional startup system or smartphone app.

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What Startups Need To Know About Chromebox For Meetings?

Chromebox for meetings works over Google+ Hangouts on Chrome OS to carryout videoconferencing, allowing Gmail users to join an online meeting from any of their device. It can be used in sync with Google Calendar and meetings can include up to 20 participants from different locations.

In this lesson you will know how startups can make use of Chromebox, what are its advantages, limitations and how it has been used by popular online startups.

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Top 5 Websites To Crowdfund Your Startup

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding any project, interest or startup by raising monetary contributions from a wide range of people available online on Internet. It is online performed via internet-mediated registries, but the concept can also be executed using mail-order subscriptions, benefit events, and various other methods.

In this lesson we have handpicked some of the best crowdfunding websites which you may use to raise money for your online startup project.

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