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Shardul Pandey Talks To Sujit Thakur, Co-Founder & CEO Of Kijag Infosystem

Sujit Thakur (Co-Founder & CEO) started his Journey as a Technical Writer in Bangalore. With his masters degree in IT and 5 solid years of Job experience, Sujit started to realize that he was born to do more, something on his own, something for the society, and of course make a royal living out of it.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Jason Shah, Founder of

Jason Shah is founder & CEO of that helps netizens run productive meetings. The application provides a private cloud for each meeting – the files, realtime and collaborative notes, private notes, followups, outcomes, and more all live in one ultimate, reliable, secure place.

One can set an agenda to let others know what the meeting is all about. Meetings can be related to one another in order to increase continuity in work. It also allows you to search meetings, have the notes automatically sent out when meetings end.

On mobile, user can quickly email other participants, schedule a followup, or jot down important notes connected to the meeting.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Prashant Sharma, Founder Of First Personality, Chain Of Franchised Personality Development Centres

PRASHANT SHARMAI welcome you Prashant at, please tell our netizens about yourself.

I used to be a very shy student and hated public speaking. I had great fear of elocution and had stage fright. I was very hesitant when dealing with the opposite sex and had few friends. However, in my second year of college my mother enrolled me in the prestigious Nazareth’s Speakers Academy, Mumbai, where I excelled due to the excellent training and guidance of the trainers and obtained a First Prize Diploma in Public Speaking. I then did my from the Sydenham College, Mumbai. Upon completion of my Masters in Hospitality Management from the University of Massachusetts, USA, I returned to India to be part of the Indian post-liberalization story. Exciting times! My first job with the Taj Group of Hotels as Lobby Manager, which made me realize the disparity between the soft skills of the average Indian vis-a-vis the people in the West. This is because our education system is text book based on rote learning, whereas the education in the USA was so much more practical and presentation based. That’s why we Indians lack soft skills, especially public speaking skills.

I predicted that this lack of communication skills, specifically- speaking skills would be a great hindrance to the employability of our Indian graduates and soon founded a company called The Winners Group in 1996, a personality development training company. This laid the foundation for what today is known as First Personality. I conducted my first training program over seventeen years ago when I was invited by the New Delhi YMCA to lead a course of Public Speaking and Effective Communication. The Times of India too has recognised this achievement.

With over 18 years experience as an edupreneur, facilitator, master of ceremonies and motivator, I have extensive expertise in mentoring leaders, inspiring professionals and helping people realize their true potential.

Recognizing that individuals of all ages in Tier II, III and IV cities around the country have no options to develop their soft skills or access to good training, I am currently setting up a chain of affordable, high quality soft skills training centres for the masses around the country, the first of which opened in Kanpur in July 2013. Currently we have centres in Gurgaon, Kanpur and Meerut and more franchised centres are in the offing.

Tell us more about How it works?

We believe that the ability to impress and influence others is not in-born. This ability can be acquired by developing soft skills which are the foundation for Personality Development. Softs kills like all skills are imparted by us through our organized training coupled with practice. No boring theory! No wasted time. Our proven training modules coupled with practice will enable you to develop a dynamic Personality. You will learn to influence others with ease, confidence and poise. It doesn’t matter which language you are comfortable with. In our programs, people from all vocations and all ages can be trained to acquire soft skills in any setting: whether academic, social or professional. What you learn, you apply immediately, and keep for Life ! It’s a fact that soft skills contribute 85% to a person’s success. Technical skills contribute only 15%! We help you acquire these all-important soft skills to positively change your life!

How masses can join-in your training program?

We have programs for everyone and everybody. But instead of a `one-size-fits-all’ approach, we have specialized, structured, short term courses which are customized for each target market and segment. This ensures that the programs are relevant without wastage of time or money. Our programs are:

Program Name Nature Target Group
Life Success -Main Advance Personality Development Program: Age 17-22 years
Life Success -Foundation Basic Personality Development Program: Age 17-22 years
Campus Champ Employability – College Program Graduates
First Step-Little Champs School Program Class I to V
First Step-Young Dynamos School Program Class VI to VIII
First Step-Seniors School Program Class IX to XII
Super Step- Little Champs After School Program Class I to V
Super Step- Young Dynamos After School Program Class VI to VIII
Super Step- Seniors After School Program Class IX to XII
Winners Camp- Little Champs Vacation Program Class I to V
Winners Camp- Young Dynamos Vacation Program Class VI to VIII
Winners Camp- Seniors Vacation Program Class IX to XII
Pinnacle Corporate-First Corporate Training Junior Executives
Pinnacle Corporate-Pro Corporate Training Managers
Pinnacle Corporate-Board Corporate Training Senior Managers
First Achiever Corporate Training Employers & Entrepreneurs
Perfect Diva Finishing School Ladies & Housewives
Platinum Alliance Finishing School Prospective brides & bridegrooms
English First-Basic English – Basic Anyone
English First-Intermediate English – Intermediate Anyone
English First-Advanced English – Advance Anyone
Speak Easy Public Speaking Anyone

How did you come with its concept? How exactly your idea sparked to register and what is the story behind your domain name?

Currently, anyone wishing to improve their soft skills has no choice. They end up going to the sub-standard neighbourhood English speaking institutes who fleece them giving them false promises. Neither their English improves nor their personalities. That’s when I realized that there was a need to bring organized, good quality soft skills training to the masses, which they could use to get ahead in their lives. Courses that people of similar age groups and experiences could take together in a fun-filled, interactive environment by experienced, trained faculty.

We wanted a name that accurately represented the hopes and aspirations of our target audience. Everyone wants to have a dynamic Personality that helps them get ahead and come First in life. Hence First Personality…

How many people got associated for working together on this project?

We take pride in the quality of our instruction and trainers !!! Our faculty and board of Trainers are mentors rather than teachers. These are people that students look upto as role models and consist only of people with at least 7 years+ work experience, corporate professionals and experienced entrepreneurs, armed forces young retirees and academic professionals. Only experts with impeccable spoken English and voice accent skills are chosen, as we believe in Training by Example. Every course has a faculty evaluation done by the participants and we take this evaluation very , very seriously.

How it will improve people’s lives?

Our Mission: First Personality aims to be the number one Personality Development Training Company in India by creating a vast pool of individuals equipped with the soft skills to face the challenges of a globalized economy. These soft skills will enable individuals to succeed by attaining multi-dimensional personalities and acquire life skills to better their lives and their professional careers.

What philosophy drives you doing this?

Our vision: We help people become confident personalities and leaders in their lives, by imparting the best Personality Development Training. We wish to build brand equity by imparting relevant, fun and real world training, so that the ultimate objective of franchising for a profit for all stakeholders can be realized.

What makes your endeavours unique?

At First Personality, our endeavour is simple. To impart corporate-level personality development training to the masses at prices they can afford. To bring soft skills to people who need it most, but don’t have access to corporate training or expensive trainers. Every First Personality centre will be standardized, have the same curriculum, same high quality of experienced faculty, and affordable, corporate level training facilities for students.

We have identified and tested the basic attributes and qualities of a successful personality. We have taken these and formulated a Personal Development Compass, which is used as a guide by the students in their path to leadership and success.

No boring theory! No wasted time! We believe that the training should affect the participant in such a way that it should not appear artificial or `put on’. That’s why we follow the LIFE model i.e. `Learning- Internalization-Feedback-Evaluation’ model, where the qualities and benefits obtained from the programs become part of the person’s basic nature.

Our Training is different from conventional language courses as it works on the assumption that:

  • All individuals have certain qualities wherein they can be trained to increase their Soft- verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Learning is more successful in an experiential format rather than the `chalk and talk’ –teacherstudent traditional method.
  • In this digital age, people are often working and living alone –in relative isolation. For e.g.. migrating away from their homes in search of better job opportunities elsewhere. When given an interactive training experience-whether Outdoor or In-class , a sense of adventure achievement, trust building & bonding develops. This leads to increased motivation and learning.
  • Our training enables people to have shared experiences that serve as important catalyst in their self-discovery process.
  • We have proven that significant, long-lasting learning can be achieved through an intensive, short-term experience.

How other netizens can help you in this regard ?

As education moves on-line and more and more people looking to the net for easy access, First Personality is also ready for the on-line instruction of their programs. The best part is that these soft skills are required by everyone, all age groups, across the world! That’s where our Indian and overseas franchisee based expansion plans fit in. We are looking to open Personality Development and Soft Skill centres all over and are looking for franchisee and expansion partnerships. We currently have centres in Gurgaon, Kanpur and Baroda (just opened). Meerut has been signed up and is scheduled to open within the next month.

Any future plans? Are you working on some other projects also ?

We have envisioned our future projects as Vision 2015:

Ø To have our courses authorized & certified by a reputed University in India. The process has already been initiated.

Ø To launch several job oriented programs that are more relevant to the industry demands & help promise 100% placements.

Ø To collaborate with agencies like NSDC and contribute in the skills development mission of India.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

It’s never too late for self improvement. Whatever you do, whatever your age is, don’t feel the time has passed to learn something new, to do something you have not done before. Each day is a new day and those who don’t spend at least 1 hour on self improvement and self help every day will left behind.

Shardul Pandey Talks To Kenya Smith

Shardul Pandey Talks To Kenya SmithI welcome you Kenya at, please tell our netizens about yourself.

Well first let start off by saying my name is Kenya Smith and I’m the CEO/FOUNDER to YOUR WORLD MAGAZINE. I have come so far in my life. I never really had en one there to help and support me in anything I wanted to do out of life. When I was 19 I found myself in an abusive relationship where I gotten black eyes, Broken fingers and busted cheeks and it’s was by the same man who said he loved me every night, the same man who I laid down with and had his son. It took me a while to leave because I felt like if I left I would be anything with out him.

I’m 2008 I attempted to commit suicide. And i can honestly say that’s what woke me up and made the see the mean of life. After send a few day in the hospital and seeking help. I went home a new person. I finished college started make plans for my son and I.

In 2013 i started YOUR WORLD INC. ITS A magazine that showcase all up and coming artists and new talent around the world. The reason y i came up with this is because i feel there is a lot of talent out here that’s not being hear or seen. People who love what they do because of the passion and not just or money, those are people who has the story to tell and maybe their story can help other people like myself.

How exactly your idea sparked to start this magazine?

Well I came up with the idea of putting an online magazine to gather about two years ago when i moves back from Atlanta Georgia. I wanted to create a magazine called kreationz which would’ve been showcasing the talent of different beauticians and barber from around the world. But then i realized that there are plenty of hair magazine out and i wanted to created something more rather that people haven’t not seen, so that’s where i came up with the created a magazine that not only beautician and barber but for anyone who has a talent or a story to tell the world. I wanted people who wanted to let other people into their world and see what they have one offer or say and is having trouble doing it on their own. And that where i came up with the name your world magazine.


What is the story behind the domain and the name of your website? Why you chosen this name?

The name your world magazine came from the whole meaning to the online magazine. ‘your life, your world”. Individuals out there that’s has a talent, gift or a story to tell as myself. Being an abuse relationship for 3 years and tried to commit suicide but then walking away from that and graduated from college and started my own business.

Many female out here are in that same situation and don’t know who the talk to or don’t know how to leave. I feel like my story need to be heard and if i can just help one person out in my life, i feel complete.

There are a lot of people out here that have talent and it’s not about the money of the industry it the live and the passion they have for what they do and what the world to hear them. The domain name www.Yourworld-magazine.Us came from the magazine name itself.

Whether you work alone or you got people associated for working together?

Well actual currently im working alone. I do all my graphic, web design, interview, scheduling, editing. …Everything by myself.

What philosophy drives you doing this?

“A vision” a vision of helping someone else out in life. Help other people helps me to know i doing my job. It’s not about myself cause i can just make a website just featuring me but that not what i want. I want something that i can share to world about other people and their passions.

How much time you spend working on your website? What efforts you make for driving traffic and building your readership?

I say i spend at least 10 hours a day working on my site since I work alone and have different departments to the site. I just have to make sure everything is perfect. Either i working on setting up interview, editing interview, watching people videos or just promotions. I spend of my time not working and promoting the magazine on different social site like Facebook, intagram, or twitter.


What makes your endeavours unique on Internet?

What makes my magazine unique is because its online and easy to access 24/7. Also is that is a visual magazine your are able to watch and listen to different exclusive interview i have featured on the month issue.

Is there any more projects you are currently working?

I’m currently working on starting a management company. “yw management”. Hopefully in 2015 i’ll b able to launch it out.

Which country you are from? Tell us something about your city and your favorite hangout spots there?

I am from the United States of American. I current live in east Chicago, Indiana, which is about 15-20 minutes from Chicago, Illinois.

I love going out to eat and dinner or just a long walk in the park (in the summer) cause it does get very cold in the winter. One of my favorite spots i go to to sit and relax and have a drink or just talk with friends is call bar louie.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

The ultimate message I trying to get out is if you have a talent or story don’t waste it let it be heard. Cause nit only will it help u but it can maybe help someone else.

Shardul Pandey Talks To Aditya Dey

Shardul Pandey Talks To Aditya Dey HEADER

Shardul Pandey: I welcome you Aditya at, please tell our netizens about yourself.

Aditya Dey: My name is Amit Dey aka Aditya, and like every pal of my age I also have many goals which are needed to be fulfilled in near future. I’ve done my engineering from a reputed Government Engineering College, and now I’m working for a global IT firm. Honestly speaking my passion is not to work in a sophisticated office, rather I wanna explore my hidden talents and wanna provide wings to my opportunities.

Well, you can say entrepreneurship has entered in my veins, and currently I’m working on building a company of my own. Besides I love to write stories, articles. I own many popular blogs, and currently I’m actively working on my Technology News Blog named TechStake. Blogging provides me mental piece from the boring daily office job, and it is also one of my primary sources of earning real money from ONLINE.

Shardul Pandey: How your idea sparked for registering

Aditya Dey: My name is Amit dey aka Aditya, and I had started my first blog in 2008. At that time ‘Blogging’ was not the thing what it is now. I mainly publish my own articles, poems etc in my blog. I had written many articles on many controversial topics on that blog of mine. My philosophy was very simple and clear, I wanted to showcase my writing skill to the web world. but one day I received a mail from Google, and came to know about Adsense. Then I realized that I could make a good money from my blog.

I was in my college then, so I studied a lot on “How to Earn Money from a Blog”, and then I deleted/stopped writing on that first blog of mine. After that I started many blogs on different niches like Education. Technology, Careers and Jobs, Reviews, Movies etc. In last 5 years I’ve sold many blogs for GOOD MONEY and currently I’m mainly focusing on TechStake.Org . It’s tech news blog, and it covers topics like latest gadgets, product reviews, Android, Social Media, IT-computing and many more.

Shardul Pandey: How much time you spend working on your domain? How do you stay so up-to-date with information that you post on your domain?

Aditya Dey: I have a busy life, that revolves around my friends and families. I’ve a busy OFFICE life too, and it doesn’t allow me to invest/spend that much of hours in blogging. Generally I spend around 2 hours/day in blogging purpose, and I personally think it’s enough to run a blog or two successfully.

That’s an interesting question. Well I blog on a very competitive topic, and it always updates in real-time. I mainly follow the biggies of my blog’s niche like TechCrunch, NDTV Gadgets, Phone Arena, GSM Arena, Times of India etc. I also follow the official websites of various Tech Giants like Google, Nokia, Samsung, Facebook etc. I also follow the social media profile of these companies, blogs and websites.

Shardul Pandey: What domains you visit on a daily basis ?

Aditya Dey: Well, frankly speaking there are many. I usually visit more than hundreds websites a day. I love to surf net from my childhood days. Whenever I get time, I do that. But, if you want me to name my personal favorite websites, then I’ll name Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Times of India, Blogger etc.

Shardul Pandey: What makes your endeavors unique on blogosphere ?

Aditya Dey: That’s a tough question. I think everyone in this blogosphere is unique in their own ways excluding the ones who post crappy duplicate contents. I mainly focus on Quality, and always research a lot before writing articles on any topic. I always try to write detailed articles in order to give all the necessary information to my beloved readers.

Shardul Pandey: What other projects you are currently working on?

Aditya Dey: After 5 odd years I wanna see myself running a successful company of my own and also chilling cum partying with my friends and families. I basically want to include my name in the successful entrepreneurs list of India.
I’m working on my dream project as of now i.e. opening my own startup. I can’t reveal much about that project as of now, but very soon I’ll launch it in India. Currently I’m going through the Company Registration Procedures.

Shardul Pandey: What have you found to be the most challenging part in blogging ?

Aditya Dey: According to me the most challenging part of blogging is to stay updated with the latest algorithm changes. Another one is to balance between helping others for FREE and charging money while offering the same as services.

Shardul Pandey: What efforts you make for driving traffic towards your domain?

Aditya Dey: I don’t make much efforts on promoting my blog or its latest posts. I just do the basics like sharing it on the leading social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Digg. I also comment on a few Comment-Luv enabled blogs, and add my latest posts on a few leading blogging communities like Indiblogger, Blog Engage and a few Facebook Groups too. That’s it. Less is good for me in this case.

Shardul Pandey: Please share some of your teaching you have for aspiring bloggers and newbie domain owners?

Aditya Dey: I wanna give a simple advice to the aspiring bloggers that don’t just Blog for money rather blog for passion. Always think about your reader’s first, and try to post only such articles which would provide value to them Think positive and be unique in your own way. Listen to everyone, but make your own strategies. Copy-Paste contents or strategies are very injurious in the career of blogging.

Shardul Pandey: What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Aditya Dey: Always listen to your heart, and don’t afraid to do and explore such things which you do best. Believe in yourself, and trust me SKY is the Limit for your GROWTH.

Shardul Pandey Talks To Sergey Golovach

Shardul Pandey Talks To Sergey Golovach

Shardul Pandey: I welcome you Sergey at, please tell our netizens about yourself, your story.

Sergey Golovach: First of all, I thank you for your interest in my personality and my projects.

My name is Sergey Golovach. I am Russian but for several years I stay in Asia. I used to stay in China before and now I am staying in Vietnam.

I started my first business in 1999 when I was student. Later I realized what I can do well and what I am interested in. I like to solve problems and find the best ways to optimize business operations and minimize expenses of companies. So I provide consultancy services: private label / OEM manufacturing projects; finding suppliers and buyers; mediatory and negotiations; technologies.

I have imported and exported a lot of products, worked with many suppliers, made different projects so I have good experience and relations in different fields.

I also have one business for my soul: I produce 100% natural coffee in Vietnam (

Shardul Pandey: Why you decided to go for crowdfunding ?

Sergey Golovach: Some time ago I began to watch some projects at Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc. And I could see that it is a great tool for some business projects to find investment and customers at the same time. Staying in Asia I have some friends who have manufacturing capacities but can not find enough customers to minimize their expenses and production cost. So now I am using crowdfunding platform to collect orders for good quality and rather cheap products. Now I have launched 2 campaigns:


I do not tell that these are new inventions made by me or my team. No. By the way, some project teams at crowdfunding platforms offer some known things made in Asia and tell they have developed them from zero. For example, some electronics, wooden accessories, etc. I do not tell the same. All I do is collect mass orders and investment to minimize the production prices. That’s easy to understand and absolutely fair.

After some time I will publish another project: 100% natural wooden and bamboo cases for iPhone and maybe other mobile phones hand-made in Vietnam. With this campaign I will support good local manufacturer and introduce a great product to the world. So watch my crowdfunding activity!

Shardul Pandey: What is your main plan ? Which project are you launching right now ? Where are you spending all your time and energy?

Sergey Golovach: From 2004 I have been in good relation with some teams inventing new technologies. I used to help them promoting their “know-how” and made some negotiations for these great people. Now we have checked with small pilot line and different kinds of raw materials the way of producing high-purity silicon dioxide (SiO2, aka silica), with purity minimum 5N (99.999%) using new environmental friendly and economical technology. We have successfully finished all the test and we are absolutely ready for mass production. I plan to build the factory in Vietnam as it is a great place for raw materials and I have good experience doing business here. It will be a really great project which will help minimize the prices for Si finally. And it will be a great investment opportunity with good return. From now I am ready to communicate with investors who can be interested in supporting this project. And I am ready to collect pre-orders for really cheap high-purity SiO2. Will I use crowdfinding for this? Maybe if I can not find enough investment to launch the project. What will be the perks? Good interest on investments. Is it risky? Absolutely not as the technology has been checked carefully during several years. Is it ready to start? Absolutely, we have all the necessary schemes, plans, calculations, etc. We are ready to build the factory. New SiO2 project will be launched here

You are the first online magazine I have shared these “secrets”.

Shardul Pandey: Would you like to tell us more about Wireless Micro HD ? Its brief history ? How it works ? How did you come with its concept ? What makes it different ?

Sergey Golovach: As I told before and wrote in the comments at Indiegogo page here it is just an OEM / re-branding manufacturing project. I do not not tell that it was developed by our team, I do not disassemble it to show how it looks inside to prove it is unique and I made all this myself. I want to be fair. It’s well-developed product and it was not my idea. Crowdfunding just helps to collect mass orders to make the production cost and final price cheaper. It’s good and useful product. It can be used as wearable camera, car DVR, surveillance camera, etc. And it has 2-way voice transmitting. It can work using wireless connection in cloud mode or direct mode and is compatible with iPhone / Android mobile phone and PC.

Shardul Pandey: How it will improve professional lives of its users ? Does it already exist anywhere ?

Sergey Golovach: Yes, it exists already but unfortunately many people do not know this product or consider it expensive. I try to change this situation. As this camera has a lot of possible applications and it’s rather affordable it can help people in many fields: Security monitoring – you can use this camera for real-time remote wireless surveillance directly via your mobile phone or PC, you can use it to control your children’s and pets’ activities and surroundings – because it can be mounted and it’s also wearable, and it has 2-way voice connection function, you can record videos, make photos everywhere you go – just use neck strap and wear this camera with you, or you can mount it in your car and use it as car DVR, it can be used as usual webcam, etc. etc. etc.

Shardul Pandey: How many people got associated for working together on this project ?

Sergey Golovach: Two of us are making this project. Me and my Asian partner. And of course a lot of people at the factory :)

Shardul Pandey: What is your business philosophy ? What drives you doing this ?

Sergey Golovach: When you see an opportunity just do it. Don’t loose time if you are sure you can do it well, and of course if you are sure customers will be satisfied.

Shardul Pandey: What makes your endeavors unique ?

Sergey Golovach: Not sure it is so unique. I just want to give a good product at good price to maximum of people.

Shardul Pandey: How other netizens can help you in this regard ?

Sergey Golovach: Sharing, recommending and sharing, sharing, sharing…

Shardul Pandey: What are your future plans ? Are you working on some other projects also ?

Sergey Golovach: I have one more project launched already with simple and cheaper product, see here: This is an ultra-portable WIFI wireless camera that allows users to view and record audio and video wirelessly on their PC or smart phones. It is simple & it has a great price. Soon I will launch another small project to promote products by one good Vietnamese manufacturer, hand-made natural wooden items. Coming soon… All that are manufacturing projects. They help people get good products at good prices but do not change the world generally. But the main project I spend all my efforts on is high-purity Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) production using new environmental-friendly and economical technology. We have spent several years for laboratory works and trial production and now we are absolutely sure for the mass production. We can produce high-purity (minimum 5N, 99.999%) SiO2 with very low production cost. I am not sure whether we will use crowdfunding for this because it’s a very good investment opportunity for potential investor as we give good interest with 100% success of the project. We CAN produce already and all we need is build a full-size factory. The demand for this product is very high, and until now it’s expensive due to old production technology. We will change the situation. What will it give to the world and people? Well, it’s another step to minimize the cost of SiO2 and end products like solar panels, etc. We will go this way also. You can watch this great project at – launching soon.

Shardul Pandey: What is your web address ? Where netizens can grab latest news feed of your projects ?

Sergey Golovach: I have several web addresses for different businesses. As I told you in the last e-mail I am doing several businesses, for example I produce coffee in Vietnam. So I recommend to watch – it will be really great and interesting after launching. Or better follow me in G+ (sergey.golovach) / Twitter (GolovachSergei). I am not active user of social networks but if I have an audience I will do my best to publish more interesting news and information. I will change :)

Shardul Pandey: What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Sergey Golovach: Be active, do what you think you must do, be confident in what you do, be fair and love your family!

Shardul Pandey Talks To Andrew Lee, Founder Of Envolve

Andrew Lee: Hi! Shardul, Are you a developer? We have some exciting news for you! Envolve has built a new platform, called Firebase, that lets you build real-time, collaborative applications in just a few lines of code. Have you ever wanted to completely customize the way chat works on your site? Now you can.

Firebase lets you build *any* real-time application — from chat apps, to shared whiteboards, to multiplayer games, to collaborative text editors. It’s an API, so you have complete control over how your app works, and you have full access to the data from any device.

For an explanation of what Firebase is and how it works, check out this short screencast. You can also try our quick 5 minute tutorial that will walk you through the API.

Thousands of apps are already using Firebase, including Klout, BitTorrent, TED, Codecademy, and Atlassian. We’d love to power your app as well.

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Shardul Pandey: Hi!, Thanks for sharing this information. I will certainly go through your new platform.

Klout, BitTorrent, TED, Codecademy, and Atlassian are popular services and I am glad that they are using Firebase.

Great with your success. I wish to congratulate you on this. Good luck to you.

(To be continued…….)

Shardul Pandey Talks To Atilla Coskun About ‘Bealdin Internet Genie’ Project

Atilla Coşkun

I welcome you Atilla at SANGKRIT, please tell our netizens about yourself. How exactly your idea sparked for Bealdin Internet Genie and what makes your endeavours unique on Internet ?

First of all, I would like to thank you Shardul for this opportunity to express our ideas.

My name is Atilla Coskun. I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I am the founder of Bealdin Internet Genie and the leader of Bealdin project. I educated engineering and have worked in different areas of business. I’m one of the lucky persons who could experience the Internet since its beginning and have been always looking for the ways of making it better. Many people are satisfied with the current Internet, but I’m not. I’m so bored to encounter with business in every corner of the Internet, some conditional, “so called” free services, manipulated information. So tired to be merely one of the visitors or one of the thousands to build attractive statistics of page views on websites, to be a target of irrelevant ad words, banners, to receive spam and to be imprisoned by unreasonable human Chains of Social Networks. It really annoys me to see that day by day people are more persuaded about “no privacy “.You would say: “If you dislike the way Internet works, then do not use it.” We came up with a better idea – to change it to the better.

Unconditional Freedom- Invisible Network of Interests

Question is why should we use human networks such as Social Networks, Business Networks, topic networks and so on? Why do we need the chains of friends and their friends to reach someone or to share something? What about “An Invisible Network of Interests”? Let me explain how it works.

For example, if I say ”I like sushi”, I am automatically interconnected to “sushi” information and in indirect way I am interconnected to people who are also interconnected to “sushi” information. Consider that I’m anonymous, and all other people are as well. In any case, if I need to talk to someone about “Sushi”, I am able to reach them easily, and they can reach me easily as well. No identities, no friendship, no human chains. Imagine that in this way I can find real friends with a lot of common interests, and it would be much more valuable than “so called” friendships on Social Networks. If I share info about “Sushi”, I’m sure that all people who like “Sushi” will receive my share, worldwide, while all of us remain anonymous.

“Sushi” was just an example. Persons can express their wishes, demands, desires, troubles on Invisible Network of Interests and can be easily interconnected to related persons while remaining anonymous. This is unconditional freedom.

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Does ‘Invisible Network of Interests’ already exist on Internet ?

The Invisible Network of Information already exists on the Internet, and it is called Semantic Web. Invisible Network of Interests is what Bealdin Internet Genie aims to do. Bealdin is a multi-disciplinary, multinational project, in which Universities and various organizations of the Europe and the World are involved. We will integrate Bealdin Users into the Semantic Web anonymously through their wishes, demands, desires, interests. Therefore Internet users will be interconnected to each other and the other things on the Internet through Invisible Network of Interests. All they will do is making wishes in Bealdin Conversation, and Bealdin Internet Genie will take care of all other processes. We explained these details on Bealdin project web site.

How ‘Bealdin Internet Genie’ will improve professional lives of its users ?

It’s very simple logic. We, Netizens, are personal users of the Internet, we are consumers of products and services, we are citizens of our countries, and the audience of the science. Based on our demands, needs, desires and interests, we need business, politics and science to inform us about the things they have to offer. It can be a discount, a free service, a public research or a job offer. But what is so important, there are no ad words, ad banners or commercials in Bealdin interfaces to annoy personal users. But we would all agree to receive some relevant and interesting offers for our personal benefits, don’t we?

On the other side, we all have professional lives. Whether working for a company or being a freelancer, an artist, craftsman, an author, or a musician – for the sake of our professional lives we should reach the people we require for our job, reach consumers, audiences, partners, employees and so on. Bealdin Internet genie assists professional needs of personal users by the means of The Invisible Network of Interests. See more info about Bealdin Assistance services here.

What is your ultimate message for Netizens ?

I have 2 messages for Netizens. First one is: Please get your Internet back. Without you, personal users, Internet is nothing. Reconsider please. Major Internet services are always proud of their website metrics – the number of members, fans, the traffic they get, the number of page views. It is you who creates this numbers. You should ask for more respect.

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My second message is about our Indiegogo Campaign. This campaign is not only about crowdfunding, but about getting approved by Internet users, Netizens. I ask you to support Bealdin Internet Genie. Make a contribution and spread the word about it. As I previously said, without Netizens, Internet is nothing, nor is Bealdin Internet Genie.

I am open for interviewing all those individuals, who own their domain to somehow create virtual wealth in webspace since sustaining freedom is mostly built around domains running wonderful utilities in webspace that human­beings enjoy. What is your opinion for continuing this?

Thanks for asking this question. I exactly agree with you that, Internet could be more colorful with the involvement of non-expert users who have their own domains and share their ideas, experiences on the Internet. I exactly support this idea. On the other hand, It is a job which takes time, requires courage and entrepreneurship. That is why Internet users usually prefer not to own domains and publish something on the Internet but read, watch and click on “Like” or “Share” buttons of other domains. WebID would be a solution before owning domains; which would encourage Internet users by making them understand that, “People would really like to be the audience of your experiences, ideas, thoughts because they are unique as you are”. Bealdin Internet Genie also provides WebID protocols and enables its users to publish their ideas through the social profiles in HTML Format.

Thank you very much Atilla for opting Internet as your place of doing business. I wish you success in upgrading humanity!

Shardul Pandey Talks To Justin Benoit Who Founded ‘Sycure Internet Browsing’

Justin BenoitJustin Benoit is the founder of Sycure.Com. He worked in IT industry for over 17-years. He worked for Intel, Lockheed Martin and started his entrepreneurial journey with Benoit Communications, Inc. (BCI). He created his first wireless ISP in Yakima, WA, along with a computer and network services division in early 1999. Justin received Lockheed Martin MVP Technical Award, Lockheed IS&GS President’s Award, as well as several other awards from Department of Energy for Cloud Computing and Virtualization.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Investintech Team About Their Entrepreneurial Venture

pdf-converter-investintechInvestintech.Com is a well-known PDF solutions provider. They offer a wide range of both fully free and affordable products for creating and converting PDF files. Their flagship product is called Able2Extract PDF Converter, which comes in two versions: Standard and Professional. Their standard Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 release offers advanced technology for converting PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCAD, HTML, and more. The professional version additionally offers the most advanced OCR capabilities, which enable users to convert virtually any PDF – native or scanned.

So, today we speak with the Investintech team to find out a bit more about their entrepreneurial venture and possibly gain some insight into how to start and grow a tech company today.

I welcome you all at SANGKRIT, please tell our netizens about yourself ?

We got our start at a time when the PDF conversion software niche was just in its infancy back in 2002. The company started as a school summer project and through time, has evolved into something much larger. Our breakthrough was in 2004, when we were the first company to offer both PDF to Excel and PDF to Word conversion in a single product. In fact, we were eventually the first on the market to offer PDF to PowerPoint as well. The niche has grown over the years but has also gotten more competitive as new players have entered the market and copied our approach. Today, we are the only PDF conversion company to have products that use our own technology across all the major platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, cloud, and mobile (iOS and Android). Our team continues to be very excited about building new products and continuing to improve our PDF technology in the coming years.

As a tech company, operating mostly in the webspace, we endeavor to encourage and empower people to use the Internet and technology to simplify their personal and business processes, increase productivity and ultimately save time. From our side, we are constantly striving to supply netizens and businesspeople with cutting-edge PDF products that will allow them to make the most of their documents and files with minimal costs, invested time and effort. Equally, if not even more important for humankind and long term environment sustainability, we strongly believe and support electronic document management, manipulation, storing and archiving with our products. PDF, as a universal file format which can be opened and viewed on any device, using any platform, is perfect for exchanging, saving and filing important business, school, personal, or any other kind of files. In order to support this view and provide as many people as possible with powerful PDF manipulation solutions, we gladly offer a range of fully free PDF tools which everyone is welcome to use. That way, even our fellow netizens who can’t afford commercial PDF tools can peruse high quality PDF conversion and creation tools. For example, let’s just mention our free mobile PDF apps for smartphones and tablets running on both Android and iOS platforms. Another very popular online converter is our free DOCX to DOC service. We are aware that many people are using earlier MS Office releases and are struggling to open and edit .docx files. Having recognized this need, we saw an opportunity to help them with this handy free tool.

What is your ultimate message for netizens ?

The Internet gives us access to an almost limitless number of resources and opportunities. Therefore, we would like to encourage people to use it to their benefits and spread their knowledge and discoveries freely, but to also respect others’ copyrights and intent. Let us all use the Internet to reinforce learning, cross-cultural understanding, peace, environment protection and the exchange of knowledge and other assets, without hurting or damaging anyone. The Internet and its riches belong to everyone, but not everything on the net is intended to be there or shared and used without obtaining rights first. Let’s keep that in mind and abide by it.

I am open for interviewing all those individuals who own their domain to somehow create virtual wealth in webspace since sustaining freedom is mostly built around domains running wonderful utilities in webspace that human-beings enjoy. What is your opinion for continuing this?

That is a great practice! It is extremely valuable for netizens to get insight into the world and experiences of other website owners and entrepreneurs. That way, people can maybe even get an idea for their own venture and how to use the Internet for business purposes. So, continuing to reach out to website owners and successful enterprises, and interviewing with them is an excellent way to create value and possibly help both chance and regular visitors of your website. The Investintech team wishes you lots of success!

Shardul Pandey Talks To Oleksandr Orlov Who Created Torrentus.To, A Powerful Torrent Search Engine

Shardul Pandey Talks is international program for promoting those individuals, who register their domain to create virtual wealth in webspace so if you too want to get interviewed, simply email to considering any conversation upon this as subject to publication here.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Sameer Suri Who Created MetroMates.Com, A Social Networking Service For Metro Travelers

Shardul Pandey Talks is international program for promoting those individuals, who register their domain to create virtual wealth in webspace so if you too want to get interviewed, simply email to considering any conversation upon this as subject to publication here.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Internet Entrepreneur John Millward Who Created BlogCalculator.Com

BlogCalculator.Com is a valuation tool that simply works out an estimated value for your weblog. The website is still in BETA mode and developers are still taking attempts to make it more accurate. For generating your weblog value the service uses Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Name; Extension & Length, Indexed Pages, Dmoz Listing, Pillar Articles, Unique Design, Global Appeal, Traffic,  Age, Post Frequency & Length etc.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Kenn Kelly Who Co-founded NeverSettle.It

Shardul Pandey Talks To Kenn Kelly

I welcome you, Kenn, please tell our netizens about yourself.

I am dedicated to following Yahushua (Jesus Christ) who is the provider of every success and good thing that I have. He has given me amazing opportunities and experiences as a technology entrepreneur in both Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley startup environments, but I am even more passionate about promoting practical, positive change and impacting the cultures around me. Although I am a US citizen, my wife and I spend as much time as we can traveling to other countries, meeting locals, creating long-term relationships, and serving the local communities. Our goal is to establish self­sustaining solutions to some of their biggest challenges: hunger, poverty, and spiritual hopelessness. My first deep dive into technology came in the form of a C++ programming course that I took through my high school advanced placement classes. From then on, technology became part of my daily life and studies in a profound way. I was the first person in my family to attend a University, and during my time there my passion for education and further learning sparked a fire I have not been able to quench. My journey has been full of amazing people, especially my wife and two business partners Shaul and Andrew, who have mentored me and contributed significantly to where I am today, if I were to stand in a mirror you would see a reflection of them and Him.

Tell us brief history of NeverSettle.It. How exactly your idea sparked?

Never Settle was launched in September 2012, driven and inspired by our relentless conviction to leverage technology to significantly disrupt the world in a positive way. Specifically, Never Settle develops custom web applications and software tools for companies and nonprofits that are tackling the world’s largest problems. Our core founding team has a diverse technology background; combined our experience spans over 30 years of implementing technology solutions in corporate, federal, and startup environments from industry giants like Accenture and Hewlett­Packard, to the US White House, to brand new companies that were a little more than an idea turned into hyper-growth tech start­ups.

The concept of Never Settle came from our previous business experiences where we saw partners and colleagues settling for less than we were willing to compromise on in areas that were critical to our core values. We decided to build a company on the philosophies of doing things the right way and not cutting corners regardless of what it cost us in time or money as an intentional choice to pursue the Never Settle paradigm. Since our founding, this approach has served us quite well and led to some really amazing opportunities for us more quickly than we imagined.

­How many people got associated with working together?

Our team currently consists of three founding partners: Andrew Lundquist, Shaul Hagen, and myself, but we are actively looking for like­minded developers and technology experts who can help us keep up with the exciting growth we’re experiencing. The harder we try to live up to our name the more difficult that quest is especially considering the existing bar we’ve set. Andrew and Shaul are two of the most talented and creative technologists I’ve ever met, and if they ever slow down in building things for our clients they might invent a new internet or something equally impactful. Andrew is an all­or­nothing technology architect who served in the US Air Force and worked for HP at the White House for nearly a decade building custom enterprise collaboration tools for the president’s staff. Eventually, he decided to take his family on the road and become a full­time nomad and explore the continent. Needless to say, he works with us remotely. Shaul is a rare and amazing blend of artistic and graphic design talent mixed with programming skills that makes him a perfect UI / UX engineer. He loves to push the limits of existing tools and translate what people see in their heads into visual reality. Oh, did I mention he’s a rockstar too? Literally, Shaul traveled around the country for 6 years as the lead drummer for a national US band.

We are headquartered in Denver, Colorado, but anywhere on the planet with an internet connection is a potential office for us. As you can tell, we’re all quite avid travelers who seem to find ourselves working all over the world from wherever our journeys take us.

What is your business philosophy?

To live up to our name: in our lives, with our business, and for our clients. To leverage technology to significantly disrupt the world in a positive way tackling the world’s largest problems.

What makes NeverSettle.It different from all the other frameworks out there?

We don’t accept convention and consider “best practices” with healthy skepticism. Convention can be good when it leads to efficiency, but more often it stifles innovation. What really drives us is the discovery of what awaits along the paths less traveled. We’d rather bushwhack through a swamp looking for a shortcut than take the easy paved trail. So, we purposefully break things in order to step outside of them and gain unique vantage points. If we can truly understand something ­ own it from the inside out ­ then we can re­invent it in a revolutionary way whether it’s a process or a piece of software or a mindset. We’re passionate about making things smarter and easier ­ doing more of the work behind the scenes with pre­emptive code so that the user has fewer clicks, and fewer things to figure out. A big differentiator for us is what we call the Golden Rule Approach. We have a deep understanding of business processes, software, marketing, and web applications, but if we can’t meet your needs we will be the first to tell you.

All that aside, our priority and focus is to positively impact the world rather than to make money. We certainly want to be successful, and revenue is a desirable byproduct of that, but we founded Never Settle to make our world a better place. This core purpose keeps our identity focused first and foremost on stewardship. We are stewards first and business owners second, and we just want to be responsible and faithful with whatever opportunities and measures of success that we have. This means that every decision we make must be weighed against that core purpose from the clients we choose to work with to the projects we undertake to the future team members we bring on, and we are already blessed to work with some of the brightest minds and companies out there whose missions are tackling the world’s largest problems.

What are your plans for the future of NeverSettle.It ? What other projects you are working on?

We’re going to continue developing tools and technologies like the NS Cloner Pro that enhance and accelerate the tools upon which so many other developers and businesses rely. In addition to the solutions we’re constantly building for our clients, we are also working on several new WordPress­based ideas, a strategy card game, a web and mobile app that will provide an excitingly novel way to study the Bible and an ebook about working remotely. Some of our current humanitarian projects include working with to eliminate child trafficking and sex slavery, to end world hunger and obesity, to transform urban slums across the world, an anti­mosquito soap to prevent malaria and sanitation related deaths, in developing children’s media that parents can be proud of, and in building literary, music, and media business that impact the world in a positive way.

I am open for interviewing all those individuals, who own their domain to somehow create virtual wealth in webspace since sustaining freedom is mostly built around domains running wonderful utilities in webspace that human­beings enjoy. What is your opinion on continuing this?

We completely agree and think that more people should operate under that paradigm! When people have the rights, the freedoms, and the tools to express their talents they end up adding the most creative and beautiful contributions to our planet that enrich the lives of others. Giving a voice to those ideas, people, and things is a powerful way of influencing future innovation and the freedom of future generations. We appreciate your vision to help inspire others to adopt that same paradigm and strive to do the same.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Never settle ­ not even for thinking outside the box ­ Exist Outside the Box!

Thank you very much Kenn for opting Internet as your place of doing business. I wish you success in upgrading humanity!

Shardul Pandey Talks To Shubham Dubey

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Aaron Kong Who Founded Chatwing.Com

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Aykut Pehlivanoglu Who Created WorthOfWeb.Com

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Internet Entrepreneur Fabio Della Selva Who Created Fabcam.Net

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Internet Entrepreneur Luis Alejandre Who Created WordPress Theme Detector

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Internet Entrepreneur Leo Fasbender Who Co-founded Newsgrape.Com

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