Easily Create Instant Legal Agreements For Your Startup

Handshake and commitment may go a long way but a simple legal agreement is known for saving time and business relationships in long run.

Creating legal agreement is easy now, there are various online services that allows anyone to generate various types of custom agreements to legally bind their users.

Legal Agreements may include:

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Privacy Policies,
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Terms of Service or Return and Refund Policies

This lesson is on TermsFeed, an online service that allows anyone to create legal agreements for startups.

One can generate legal agreements online for anything like:

  1. Website
  2. Smartphone app
  3. Apps for Facebook, Desktop & SaaS etc

Or for any other purpose like if you collect email addresses, make use of geolocation i.e. GPS or sell products & services, allow users to create account by entering their personal information, for copyright infringements notices and more.

TermsFeed can be used for creating legal agreements easily without the need of hiring a lawyer. This all works online free to premium as a one-time fee and you can download your free agreement in minutes.

How To Use Terms Feed To Generate Legal Agreements?

Visit its home page then select a tab from Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Return and Refund Policy, Terms of Service, Terms of Use and follow on screen instructions to complete the wizard.

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