Google Ventures Startup Has Chosen WordPress For Website

Netizens often make mistake of classifying WordPress as blogging platform or just content management system. While you can still use one click WordPress install to start your own website or go for Managed WordPress hosting, now it can be programmed to work as fully functional startup system or smartphone app.


New successful startups like Slideshare has already proved that WordPress is now not just limited to dynamic websites but can be extended to professional webservices.

Google Ventures is one example of Startup using WordPress

The website runs over WordPress on their officially handcrafted Google Ventures theme so it is not available for you to download or buy.


We have not taken it for instance with reason their website is very good or they have done something very unique with WordPress.

But because this startup which is the corporate venture capital investment arm of Alphabet Inc; is an American multinational conglomerate (created in 2015 as the parent company of Google and several other companies previously owned by or tied to Google) has chosen WordPress.

google ventures

Google Ventures is mainly the venture capital investment reach of Google Inc. and provides seed, venture, and growth stage funding to technology companies. The firm operates independently from Google, runs over WordPress and makes financially driven investment decisions.

This is not just one example of WordPress for startup but there are many-many more Internet startups running over the free GPL licensed publishing platform i.e. WordPress.

You get many advantages of using WordPress to bring your startup online without spending a penny on code. It is a free software so there is no licensing fees, it can be easily extended or transformed to any web-service by use of plugins, themes and custom PHP functions.

Next coming lessons would discuss in-depth about successful startups using WordPress for web-services and smartphone apps.

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