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Do Not Depreciate Yourself

Friends do not really help like the colleges haven’t ever made anyone wiser the way a fixed deposit cannot make anyone richer. These are only assumptions that friends, colleges and fixed deposits help you somehow.

In fact these only depreciate you over a period of time by making you even dumber and poorer for sure before to leave you ultimately helpless in life.

Moreover friends, colleges and fixed deposits actually eat into a lot of your precious time and money that is essential for your own growth. In fact you simply need not all that.

Colleges won’t ever make you any wiser.

What Steve Jobs felt in his Reed College was real that it is eating a lot of money that his parents earned by hard work without teaching him anything worthwhile and he decided to dropout. Bill Gates dropped out of the Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg did the same since Harvard was just incapable of teaching him any dominant web technologies that could get used for facebook then.

Their colleges worked like institutional conspiracy to keep them backward but they got themselves timely freed from there. You too do that before this gets really late for you.

Fixed deposits won’t ever make you any richer.

Instead of buying your favourite smartphone you decide to make a fixed deposit. You do so just to increase your future purchasing power. But what happens after the lock-in period over your money completes?

You find that your that money has become now insufficient for purchasing your favourite smartphone since inflation proves to be greater than the return your fixed deposit earns over a period of time.

Appreciate yourself by expanding your universe

Far away from these deviations the open knowledge campus of Sangkrit.net helps you business-wise to become wiser, richer and a very helpful person for everyone around because its completely independent eco-system really helps everyone in becoming wiser, richer and friendly forever.

Sangkrit.net is just another universe to thrive independently the way that you never fail or feel lonely. You help everyone around to get involved like you are in helping everyone to bring own business online in a completely cloud infrastructure with online support and global exposure.

Thus expanding this universe makes money for everyone involved because being friendly works far better than having friends. Sangkrit.net really makes you wiser, richer and friendly forever.

Stephen Hawaking Is No More Now

It is our brain that can keep our body alive and it is not vice versa.

Stephen Hawking is no more today. He was finally worried that humanity is not vigilant enough for its survival against most possible dangers of its extinction.

Respecting his legacy for us humankind can be practised as follows: –

  1. Let us become very vigilant for our survival by finding out other planetary abodes beyond earth that can be hosting humanity
  2. Let us become very vigilant for our survival against possibly more advanced aliens
  3. Let us become very vigilant for our survival against possibly more advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning

Sangkrit respects him like that considering his life as an eternal era in the cosmology of universe. Seeing him living, we have come to know fully well that it is our brain that can keep our body alive and it is not vice versa.

The World Would End The Way It Began

Still the internet has very little or no information about the new book of lectures by Stephen Hawking “Sparmus” but it is overwhelming by the chaos caused by its preface in which Stephen Hawking has very recently claimed that the Higgs-Boson has worrisome potential to become meta-stable at energies above 100bn giga-electron-volts, which might send the universe into catastrophic vacuum decay with a bubble of true vacuum expanding at the speed of light. With this the time and space would collapse and none would see that coming.

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