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India And China Have To Act Alike

Russia’s conflict with Ukraine is already a game of the West going on. The game of the West gets furthered when China plays Pakistan provoking India although India yet refrains from playing Taiwan as a tit for tat despite India and China have to act alike.

India and China act alike over Russia and Ukraine but America treats both differently since the US game plan is to neutralize both countries’ prospective potentials against each other. That is why India and China must act alike by constantly developing close cooperation between two neighbouring countries by regularly organizing their annual summits.

NATO’s Very Existence And Further Expansionism Provokes A World War.

Staying decently distant from all the international conflicts by being neutrally nice to all the nations alike has been India’s historically correct choice and only that is correct for every other country also. So if the United Nations has to continue in business, this must ban all military alliances at once. Instead only UN should exercise an international Peace Keeping Force for anywhere.

NATO was not necessary. This was established under the pretext to prevent Communism from spreading into Europe. Then why this military alliance is continued to be in existence even when there was no such notional threat anywhere? Actually NATO’s establishment played provocateur to bring Warsaw pact into existence and thus the cold war did begin in the world. Still its very existence and further expansionism provokes another world war.

NATO’s very origin did undermine the relevance of then recently established United Nations Organization. UNO was proclaimed to be the ultimate design of preventing another world war, whereas NATO was an instrument of making that kind of a war.

Despite All Divisions

It is not merely a coincidence that America’s next to next head of state could be (so should be) of an Indian origin. 

Democracy doesn’t disintegrate a country but actually integrates as gradually happened in America since a long time back and in India since not so ling time back. Whereas initiating into a totalitarianism actually disintegrates instead of integrating any nation as happened in China a long time back and gradually happening in Turkey now a days. Democratically adhering to a constitutional process helps forming the actual public unity.

Furthermore the Internet has a potential even for integrating different peoples beyond all political or superstitious divisions including that of any countries, constitutions or any set of beliefs. America and India are the best of examples of such a course and are capable of setting the best example furthering a common course as well. It is not merely a coincidence that America’s next to next head of state could be of an Indian origin.

The oldest and the largest of all concurrent democracies can do a lot together by collaborating themselves in furthering cooperation among democracies. Healthcare, software and warfare are concurrently relevant industrial avenues for enhancing diplomatic cooperation among democracies.

Furthering Cooperation

The scope of furthering cooperation doesn’t end anywhere. Any wiser people always avail this.

If India and America stand solidly together, Taiwan can help Tibet and Hong Kong in furthering its democratic objective in China, completing all parties’ unfinished business.

Altogether they might help Tibet in restoring its sovereign borders with both its neighbours China & India. Altogether they might help Hong Kong in shedding any separatism for liberating a Bastille of democracy within China, where the Chinese people are politically imprisoned for more than half a century after a military occupation by the Communist Party of China.

Behaving Business-wise

Different worlds remain different despite unnecessary efforts of assimilating them altogether. Only business binds them together. Without that their crossing paths cause only ill-wills and accidents. China, Europe & Arab need help amicably.

Randomly killing people cannot be called any religion the way hurting the faith of any people is no freedom of expression and the forces forcing their people to migrate, must not get recognised as the governments.

This cannot be done without resolving the conflict of interests between Russia and America. India can help the US in resolving any mutual doubts with Russia that can even facilitate a fruitful cooperation in defence production within India at least. The US can further collaborate with Russia in enhancing a repairing recourse of political integration between Arab and China covering the whole of the Indian Ocean making India lead at its core. 

Together India, Russia and America can facilitate training in diplomacy & warfare for democracies at every other place. 

Staying Battle-ready

Staying battle-ready is a necessary constant for the soverigns alike. There is no variable for that. That is how any peace offensive never worked well in statecraft.

Contrary to Doklam standoff of 2017 in Bhutan, India’s prior leaderships historically failed to move forward for helping out any neighbours -such as Tibet, Persia and Gandhar- upon any foreign aggression, invasion and occupation so India suffered severly in the long run. India’s own unfinished battles also fated to bleed forever because the leaders mandated to lead were averse to war.

Tibet was occupied but not Taiwan. Even a successful warlord like Mao did not adventure to attack Taiwan although occupied Tibet. Saddam Hussein was toppled but not Kim Jong Un. The outgoing US President Donald Trump even befriended Kim Jong Un.

Behaving business-wise while staying battle ready is essential for saving humankind from all ill-will and violence. Thus; despite all divisions; India, America and every other responsible people can better be doing altogether.

Break The Line Before It’s Late

Peoples of all the countries are compelled to fully cut-off from each-other just because their governments didn’t stop doing any business with China before it’s gone late. Now the whole world is facing its worst. Just because a Wuhan virus was not stopped then and there before its becoming a full-fledged Chinese epidemic while the world didn’t cut-off all ties that timely with China to not let it become a global pandemic. Such a social distancing was immediately necessary.

India is gone under a complete lockdown to not lose through impending pandemic times. Still India’s imposing the world’s biggest ever lockdown is not enough to save humanity but a global lockdown alongwith massive medical identification and treatment in isolation of all the persons exposed to it is awaited. That must not get delayed. Asia is endangered. Europe and America are under unprecedented attack. Break the line before it is late.

US President Is Mandated For His Glasnost And Perestroika

Very precisely if Donald Trump fails, USA would be nowhere around.

Unfailingly Donald Trump is representing the political necessity for US majority. What happened to USSR post-Afghanistan has happened to USA post-Iraq. Unnecessary campaigns of coercion ultimately made them collapsible alike. Very precisely if Donald Trump fails, USA would be nowhere around.

There might be a possible threat for US President’s life from the most unexpected forces.

To save the situation, Trump is duly mandated about his role for openness and reorganization and this is unlike Gorbachev but NATO allies are equally alarmed as then WARSAW Treaty states and KGB were. There might be a possible threat for US President’s life from the most unexpected forces.

Things work like that within murderous menace of political status quo and Donald John Trump doesn’t belong to them.

Whether US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as payback for many assassination attempts earlier made on Fidel Castro or for his inclination for rapprochement with him, nobody would come to know ever. KGB coup d’etat of 1991 is said to be failed but remains of former USSR are now absolutely governed by former KGB operatives. Things work like that within murderous menace of political status quo and Donald John Trump doesn’t belong to them.

WikiLeaks tweeted very well, “Killing hundreds of Muslims & destroying their states? OK. Stopping them going to the US? Not OK.” Donald John Trump is the US President now. Only political morons are surprised by his election and his Hillary-us opposition followed by that.

Morons May Not Be Sure About Many Things

Opposing the election of the constitutionally elected president of the United States of America amounts opposing the democratic mandate regarding that.

Donald Trump is lawfully elected by the majority of American people. His inauguration was opposed in unprecedented way without even waiting for any of his decisions. Such an outcry of a bygone era is left without credentials.

Opposing the election of the constitutionally elected president of the United States of America amounts opposing the democratic mandate regarding that. This disregards american public right of self-determination. Morons may not be sure about many things.

Fidel Earned His Respect Pretty Well

Fidel Castro Ruz successfully ruled his people longer than any other ruler contemporary to him. Bedeviling eleven US presidents he survived all the assassination attempts, ordered by many of them. The only possible trick to get rid of Fidel Castro at CIA proved to let him get extremely old to pass away so naturally.

Not only he did change the world himself but has seen the world changing beyond his own imagination. He himself made the times of Earnetso Che Guvevara and lived beyond that to see Julian Paul Assange finally bringing the U.S. “to its knees” and called him a hero for his “challenge” to “the most powerful empire ever,” adding, “Ideas can be more powerful than nuclear weapons.” This was said by the man who once (in his urgent message on Oct. 27, 1962 that he had then sent to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev through the Soviet ambassador in Havana) urged Khrushchev to use nuclear missiles for eradicating the United States of America, if they attacked the Republic of Cuba.

Making Cuba sovereign and socialist was most difficult then but Comandante en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz did just that. Moreover Compañero Fidel made his people literate, women independent and Latin American countries move beyond US interference. He earned his respect pretty well.

One Man Somewhere In A Tiny Room, Using Internet, Can Interfere In The US Presidential Election, Is The New World Order

One man somewhere in a tiny room, using internet, can interfere in the US presidential election, is the new world order. Many people of other countries, who were affected by US policies, now desire to influence the US presidential election using internet, certainly deserve that.

This time the global policeman is looking for some privacy instead so that the US people independently elect their own president. Seeing that a small country such as Ecuador has withdrawn the internet facility provided to Julian Assange concurrently living in asylum in their embassy at London since internet was used for interfering in US presidential election.

Should we respect this as their right to apartheid even in the age of globalization that they championed for or whatever but Julian Assange is not going to leave them alone and they just cannot drone this single man to get rid of him like they might have done with anybody else. Finally someone is seriously interested in interfering in the internal affairs of the United States of America, which for decades stubbornly interfered in the internal affairs of every other country on the planet earth.

India Is The Global Opportunity Of Humanity

Unlike China’s corrosively closed future, democratic India could open up as the global opportunity of humanity spread between China and Arab, across many countries alike, assimilating many peoples altogether, making a common market including all of them.

Going through a storyline mostly grips you in attachment with a particular side of context damaging your independent observing awareness. This happens more often than not like whenever you watch a movie, game or news. Try practicing chess by playing from both the sides to balance your observing awareness for seeing neutral. Seeing neutral is the most difficult but true vision.

This time SAARC has survived by refusing a summit in Islamabad as India is emerging in the interest of south Asia and world. Abolishing all apartheid India integrates humanity fully well that include the most of Muslims also in south Asia. India sustainably stood, where even Arab failed and Europe didn’t succeed so there was no reason to let Pakistan occur. Now unlike China’s corrosively closed future, democratic India could open up as the global opportunity of humanity spread between China and Arab, across many countries alike, assimilating many peoples altogether, making a common market including all of them. What troubles all these prospects is a failed state named Pakistan that was artificially forked on discriminating basis of political Islam that goes up to the extremism of Islamic State with atom bombs threatening the humankind. Human history won’t ever absolve Anglo-American imperialism of United Kingdom and United States of America for inciting this evil against humanity.

Enforcing Arab culture everywhere in the name of a religion historically brought an apocalyptic havoc on different civilizations thrusting constant influx of refugees worldwide. Women and children suffer utmost. Humanity bleeds across all countries alike.

The most important necessity in this constantly coercive circumstance is to keep the homeland security intact everywhere. There is no other way to keep a constant check except to start profiling all Arabic style individual names to begin with an effective vigil against extremism, avoiding all mishaps in ensuring homeland security. Failing in doing that endangers the public security of humankind. Any failure in keeping the order intact is the worst crime on planet earth so homeland security failures must not go unpunished.

Free men and free women love free internet but they cannot stay free without a free homeland for their civilizations so that certain evilizations, which are very much disrespectful for the freedom of women, children and internet, just cannot ever end humane harmony.

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