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Learn To Think In Four Dimensions

Thought processing ought to be four dimensional. Sangkrit insists upon considering four dimensions of system, application, data and outcome about everything in observation as that is up to the mark for survival through this internet age.

How does a 4D thought process works?

Let us make it simplified in a concurrent example that everyone would easily understand.

COVID-19 pandemic is viral across most of countries alike so let us consider its course as the system here. Consider the prescribed dose of Hydrooxychloroquine as an application in its course. This prescription brings down the patient’s viral load. Consider this as data. Consequently chances for human immunity defeating the rest of viral effects are enhanced. You may consider this as related outcome.

Learning Sangkrit’s four dimensional way of thinking makes you quite capable to decide that what to do and what not to. Considering like that is sure to help you at every step in your day-to-day life.

Help People With Facts To Improve Their Fiction

Whenever data is worldly unavailable, it is supplied by humane imagination.

Stalin helped people invent a whole world by inventing almost everything. He invented his name, nationality, state, religion, god and public mindset as well for inventing the world’s greatest-ever empire as Soviet Union. So much imagination might have led anyone else into a mental asylum but Stalin, because of his unparalleled efforts in consistency with reality, emerged as the greatest-ever statesman.

Humankind are curious animals. Fact or fiction, they just want to know anything. Whenever data is worldly unavailable, it is supplied by humane imagination. They simply fill the blanks by inventing information. That is the way, humanity is used to work.

Therefore don’t ever hesitate in helping people with facts to improve their fiction. Signup for your free SANGKRIT.net account to become a personal outlet of its globally distributed order for doing that wherever you are so that now humankind get worldwide upgraded into its internet age.

Business is the best behavior yet known and internet industry paves the best way of doing that. Ignorant people are mostly afraid of making decisions. They will come to know when you will let them know.

To Not Let Them Make Any Nexus To Avoid User-friendly Competition

If your telecom operator is unwilling to charge for only one thing either data or calls, you must port away to the fair one.

Internet paves the way to monopolize perfectly. User-friendly disruptive competition is the right way of doing that. Advertising-oriented coercive corporates making any nexus to monopolize any business for not competing in the user-friendly manner is the worst thing they do to the people of any country.

Incumbent telecom operators in India and some other countries, are trying hard for not allowing internet telephony to succeed so that they can continue with their sub-standard ways of plundering people of their money in the name of internet data packs. Instead of competing well with the emergence of Jio, they actually try to prevent all modern benefits to people such as the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi, 90 per cent cheaper international calling, HD voice, and innovations like simultaneous data transmission, video calls, and much more for their coercive corporate interests. A few suppressing states also behave like that but the government of India refrained from entertaining their irrelevant rhetoric.

Mobile data matters most through the smartphone stage of internet age. Calling usage can comparatively be left behind increasing data usage with the internet of things. If your telecom operator is unwilling to charge for only one thing either data or calls, you must port away to the fair one. That is a way users may disallow telecom operators for unfair charging. This may work along with the governments becoming legally vigilant to not let them make any nexus for not competing hard.

Compete By Not Charging Competitively Good Data

The age of internet in India has actually begun with Jio in business because before Jio, Indian telecom only failed in affordably serving any seamless internet data. Jio has most successfully reinvented Indian telecom business but the old-fashioned companies are unfortunately busy in writing to the government against now prevailing public interest as a sure way of sending all possible competition to hell.

Jio is doing this and Jio cannot do that. That is all the nonsense they are getting unnecessarily involved instead of doing any substantial good to their users. Jio got its high moral ground with Mukesh Ambani’s speech in AGM making its first and foremost principle very explicit that telecom companies either charge for data or for calling and in no case they should be charging for both. It is going to be a globally good thing that Sangkrit insisted for since so long ago.

Now if his competition is willing to compete, they must find a way of not charging competitively good data by charging only calling henceforth. Competition is always open in this internet age but commercial incompetency cannot survive through this. If Mukesh Ambani can disrupt, what on earth is hindering his competition from taking that to a new level? Stop complaining and commercially compete by not charging competitively good data.

How To Add Facebook Type News Ticker In WordPress Displaying Multi-Functional Data ?

You might have noticed while using Facebook it displays a news ticker showing recent live activities of your friends circle on the top right corner of your Facebook Account’s Home Page. If it is yet not visible in your FB’s homepage then may be you haven’t clicked Show Ticker Button, a tiny button present on the same top right corner.

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