Local Stores Must Come Online With Store Pickup & Home Delivery Options

Local stores should implement both store pickup and home delivery options on their eCommerce website so that the customer can place his order and if in-case delivery slot is unavailable, the customer may either choose to wait or simply pick up his parcel from the nearby store without crowding the place.

Simply start by registering your domain name and then subscribe WordPress Ecommerce to bring your store online. Next, log in to your eCommerce admin panel and enable ‘Local Pickup’ from the eCommerce settings page. That’s it.

All malls and big shops are closed in many parts of the world, even multinational eCommerce platforms are facing a global shortage of delivery executives. Bringing every local neighborhood shop online would be useful both for the consumer and owner as it will resolve most delivery issues including shortage of delivery agents and the consumer will get access to improved service through greater flexibility.

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