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Does Blogging Costs Money Or It Earns Money?

A blog is a frequently updated website that lets you publish online so that others can read it. It can be used for increasing your following or marketing your business online.

A good blog post can earn money if you have monetized it with Google Adsense, etc, or you are doing it to market your business.

To start blogging your business, you will need to register a domain name and subscribe to Managed WordPress. That costs a small amount of money but publishing your content on regular basis is not going to cost you money instead it will help you in earning money from your place.

Whether you promote your blog or not, if you write good content; people will automatically find your blog on the search engine results page, and that is considered the best kind of traffic that brings money.

Because when someone lands on your website the ads on your website are displayed on the basis of the searches they have made on the internet. Hence, the possibility of getting an advertisement clicked on your website increases and so does your bank balance.

So simply posting content that is useful for others will start to get you traffic, even if you don’t do any efforts in promoting your blog.

If you have a business, blogging will help you get found on the internet, while saving your advertising cost. There’s a saying in the marketing world that buying decision is made by the customer before he actually contacts a business. So where do you think they do all their research these days? Of course on the internet and mainly by searching Google.

Hence, when your blog posts start to stand on the search, you automatically become part of the research. The only thing you need to do is keep improving yourself in writing so that your posts can attract a bigger audience every day.

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