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How To Get New Ideas For Writing Blog Posts Every Day?

In the previous lesson, you have learned about the topics you may use to blog your business. But sometimes coming up with new ideas for blogging can be a big challenge especially if you don’t want to break the continuity of blogging your business every day.

The lesson explains to you how you can come up with fresh ideas for writing posts. There are several strategies businesses can use to generate fresh ideas consistently for posting new content to their blog.

  1. Stay Up-To-Date With Industry News & Trends: Subscribe to industry newsletters, attend online conferences, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in your industry to generate ideas for new blog posts.
  2. Monitor Social Media: Monitor social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, to see what topics and discussions are trending in your niche and use them as inspiration for your blog.
  3. Browse Twitter Hashtags: Look up Twitter for the hashtags of the topics you write about or are there in your nice. These hashtags will let you know what people are asking, telling, and finding on the Internet. These hashtags will also take you up to the articles that other blogs are writing which will definitely spark some ideas in your mind.
  4. Maintain An Idea File: Keep a file for ideas that suddenly spark in your mind, opinion, and things that can be converted into quality blog posts. See the file whenever you think you are running out of ideas.
  5. Ask Your Audience: Ask your audience what they want to see on your blog through surveys, polls, and social media posts to get ideas for fresh content.
  6. Research On Your Competitors: Research your competitors’ blogs to see what topics they’re covering and use them as inspiration for your own content.
  7. Research On Google: Make a targeted search on topics that come in your niche and see what others are writing, then think about how you can give better solutions to your audience.
  8. Expand Existing Posts: Research your stats to find the most popular posts on your blog, you will know what content is working, and when you find that simply think about expanding the content by writing new posts on the topics that you haven’t explained earlier.
  9. Discuss It With Your Team: If your business has a team then ask them about the problems that the consumer is facing, what interests them etc. Schedule brainstorming sessions with your team to generate new ideas for your blog.
  10. Look Outside Your Industry: Look for inspiration outside your industry, and find ways to tie them back to your business or industry.
  11. Repurpose Old Blog Posts: Repurpose old blog posts into new formats, such as infographics or videos, or update them with new information to create fresh content.
  12. Experiment With Different Formats: Experiment with different blog post formats, such as tips & tricks, lists, how-to guides, and case studies, to keep your content fresh and engaging.
  13. You May Try A Post Idea Generator: There are several online post idea generators (search Google) that you may use for generating new post ideas but don’t forget to add uniqueness as many ideas look meaningless but they add some spark in your mind to do something better.

These are some strategies with which businesses can help themselves to consistently generate new ideas for their blog, keeping their audience engaged and growing their readership over time. If you can give more ideas then feel free to share them here by commenting below.

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