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Globalisation Is Going On

It is still getting done but without making the USA or CPC a dominant force anymore. Humanity is getting united into Internet.

You may still find another way of doing things much better than before and your top level domain can serve that way of yours from your dedicated server to let you build your own net worth by changing the world and the gloablisation gets continued.

Pursuing the core fundamental of domaining a public purpose of your life is yet an universal option. Practicing and promoting the four fundamentals enhances not only a pandemic-proof lifestyle but emancipates women everywhere like nothing else ever did earlier.

As a pandemic-proof lifestyle, Sangkrit is globalising the humankind. It is all getting done by your fingertips in a globally distributed order of Internet Age.

One Man Somewhere In A Tiny Room, Using Internet, Can Interfere In The US Presidential Election, Is The New World Order

One man somewhere in a tiny room, using internet, can interfere in the US presidential election, is the new world order. Many people of other countries, who were affected by US policies, now desire to influence the US presidential election using internet, certainly deserve that.

This time the global policeman is looking for some privacy instead so that the US people independently elect their own president. Seeing that a small country such as Ecuador has withdrawn the internet facility provided to Julian Assange concurrently living in asylum in their embassy at London since internet was used for interfering in US presidential election.

Should we respect this as their right to apartheid even in the age of globalization that they championed for or whatever but Julian Assange is not going to leave them alone and they just cannot drone this single man to get rid of him like they might have done with anybody else. Finally someone is seriously interested in interfering in the internal affairs of the United States of America, which for decades stubbornly interfered in the internal affairs of every other country on the planet earth.

Internet Growth Can Cause Coercion Losing All Worth Of Currency

History has been a compulsion by coercion that shall come to an end as soon as technology shall supersede all politics once forever, the way once politics superseded all religion and left scriptures behind as unhistorical texts.

After a few decades, no normal people would unnecessarily bother about whatever happened before the internet age like concurrent normal people have not much time to think anthropologically.

History has been a compulsion by coercion that shall come to end once technology supersedes all politics, the way once politics superseded all religion and left scriptures behind as unhistorical texts. Technology superseding politics is the ultimate truth of internet age. History shall finally become a dustbin to let bygone really be bygone.

Internet age is driven by free innovation and free distribution. Success comes by the usage of utility. Usage begins by utility without any advertising at all. Markets get made by usage. Competition is won by utility.

Internet growth can cause coercion losing all currency and worth of its occurrence. Globally distributed order of internet growth engine is devoted for doing that. All its personal outlets work doing that. Individual initiatives make the difference in globalizing their world for humanity.