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NATO’s Very Existence And Further Expansionism Provokes A World War.

Staying decently distant from all the international conflicts by being neutrally nice to all the nations alike has been India’s historically correct choice and only that is correct for every other country also. So if the United Nations has to continue in business, this must ban all military alliances at once. Instead only UN should exercise an international Peace Keeping Force for anywhere.

NATO was not necessary. This was established under the pretext to prevent Communism from spreading into Europe. Then why this military alliance is continued to be in existence even when there was no such notional threat anywhere? Actually NATO’s establishment played provocateur to bring Warsaw pact into existence and thus the cold war did begin in the world. Still its very existence and further expansionism provokes another world war.

NATO’s very origin did undermine the relevance of then recently established United Nations Organization. UNO was proclaimed to be the ultimate design of preventing another world war, whereas NATO was an instrument of making that kind of a war.

Jean Tirole Is The New Noble Laureate In Economics

Today Jean Tirole of France has become the new noble laureate in economics for his analysis of market power and regulation. Concurrently he works as the Scientific Director of the Institut d’Economie Industrielle at the University of Social Sciences, in Toulouse. The prize is worth 8 million Swedish crown that amounts to 1.1 million US dollars.
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