How To Add Wikipedia Like Table Of Contents In WordPress Blog Posts ?

Mediawiki has a Table of Contents feature with show-hide links, you might have seen it in Wikipedia. Now you can add it in your WordPress site too.

WordPress Table of Contents

If you write long blog posts, tutorials etc then WP Table of Contents plugin is best for you. Using WP Table of Contents plugin you can easily start breaking your content to various sections, it adds a show-hide content menu where it adds various sections of your blog post. First of all it scans your content, find headings from the heading tags and after adding headings to table of content it edits your post content and adds “id” attribute to your heading tags. This way it makes navigation easy, increases time on site and is also good for SEO.

So if you like using it in your WordPress site then first of all install and activate it, then call this function in the loop: wp_table_of_contents()

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