Automatically Remove Sticky Flag From Previously Featured Posts In WordPress

There are some WordPress themes that provides you a separate section to feature more than one post at a time but most WordPress themes simply sticks featured posts to top whenever you make any post sticky on your website.

This works good in directing traffic to your featured blog post but when more than one post is featured, you blog page starts to look static. Hence, every time you have to ensure that only one post is featured at a time.

In this lesson you will learn how to turn this thing more easy by automatically removing the sticky post flag when any new post is published and made sticky on your website. 

There Can Be Only One is the new WordPress plugin that automatically ensures that there is only one published sticky post on your website at any given time.

Start by installing ‘There Can Be Only One’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, when a new sticky post is published, ‘sticky’ flag is automatically removed from any other previous post(s), so they will no longer appear at the top of your blog page.

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