Easiest Way To Turn Off Features You Don’t Want In Your WordPress Site

Rather than installing so making plugins for disabling certain features in your WordPress site, you can do it with one easy plugin.

Disabler is a free WordPress plugin allows you to remove certain WordPress features. Install and activate it then visit your WordPress admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Disabler and remove what you want to remove.

Using this plugin you can remove the following features by checking and unchecking them.

FrontEnd Features:

  1. Disable Texturization — smart quotes (a.k.a. curly quotes), em dash, en dash and ellipsis.
  2. Disable auto-correction of WP capitalization.
  3. Disable paragraphs from being automatically inserted inside posts.

Dashboard Features:

  1. Disable self pings (i.e. trackbacks/pings).
  2. Disable all RSS feeds.
  3. Disable XMP-RPC.
  4. Disable auto-saving.
  5. Disable post revisions.

Privacy Settings:

  1. Disable WordPress from printing it’s version in your headers (only seen via View Source).
  2. Disable WordPress from sending your URL information while checking for updates.

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